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Olive Oil – What Is It?

Olive oil is produced by crushing the flesh of olives (Olea Europaea). The resultant paste combines water and fat content.

With so many choices at your grocery store, selecting high-quality olive oil can be overwhelming. 15 olives strives to produce only premium-grade USA grown (Florida and California) olive oil and vinegar products free from additives, synthetics and food dyes.

Early Life and Education

The olive tree is a highly adaptable species, flourishing under all climate and soil conditions. Cultivated for centuries in Mediterranean regions like Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey it now thrives well even without human assistance.

Artifacts related to olives such as milling stones and decantation basins date back 6000 BCE in a region which now comprises Israel, Lebanon, Syria as well as parts of Greece and Turkey. Crete boasts clay tables dated as early as 1700 BCE that record olive oil trade.

Olive trees are perennial trees that require warm and dry summers with cool but nonfreezing winters for optimal fruit production. But even minor frost damage will damage the tree significantly and reduce yields significantly.

Professional Career

Professional olive oil tasters may wax poetic when discussing differences (sounding similar to wine varietals). But even for casual use such as drizzling and frying, it’s still wise to assess where each bottle sits on a spectrum from grassier, pepperier and nuttier.

Branche, an online direct to consumer brand that began operations last fall with the goal of demystifying luxury olive oil, introduced their Sizzle and Drizzle blends as part of an initiative to increase transparency around sourcing and processing of olives harvested in Italy – one harvested early season has bolder flavors while late harvest olives exhibit more delicate fruitiness nuances.

Chefs love it for its buttery feel and light texture,” according to Holly Gale of Hearth Patisserie. Olives such as Arbequina, Arbosana and Koroneiki olives combine for an all-around taste profile. In addition to being blended together for maximum shelf life.

Achievement and Honors

Olive trees have long been a part of Mediterranean cultures and their oil has long been utilized for cooking, lighting lamps, cosmetics and medicine purposes. Furthermore, it serves as an important source of MUFAs (monounsaturated fatty acids) known to boost heart health and reduce inflammation levels.

Rio Largo’s accolades include winning a Best in Class award at the New York International Olive Oil Competition against 800 competitors from around the globe – no small achievement indeed!

Mori attributes her company’s success to their careful sourcing of olives both domestic and overseas, from both California and other climates, with similar climates providing suitable harvest conditions. They use sensory analysis as another measure to ensure quality.

Personal Life

Olive oil is a natural beauty aid and nail strengthener. Packed with omega-3 fatty acids that strengthen nails while stimulating cell turnover and revitalizing dull nails.

Infused olive oils are created using fresh ingredients such as garlic, herbs and hot peppers to add a unique flair. While this type of olive oil may add great flavor, long-term storage should be avoided to avoid botulism contamination.

The olive tree (Olea europaea) is an evergreen domesticated crop native to Mediterranean climates that is widely known to offer various health benefits, including reduced heart disease risk and cholesterol levels as well as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and schizophrenia risk reduction.

Net Worth

Olive oil farming can be an immensely profitable venture for growers producing premium oils. As HD and SHD systems shift onto non-marginal irrigable land, an increase in potential yields must occur in order to compensate for lower returns per hectare.

Additionally, market shares of Spain, Italy, Tunisia and Greece – four major exporting nations that dominate in terms of volume and value trade – are highly concentrated. Together these five exporting nations account for more than 70% of total world trade both by volume and value.

Prior to founding Olive Mill, Perry Rea owned an agricultural pest-control business that provided services to Detroit-area automakers as well as Mercedes and Nissan. Furthermore, his restaurant called Olives serves rustic Mediterranean fare with Italian influences.

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