90 Day Fiance Cole And Maria

90 Day Fiance – Maria and Cole

90 Day Fiance is a reality television show that follows a couple that is on a K-1 visa. They must marry within 90 days to remain in the United States. Since the show started in 2014, it has featured couples who met on vacation and couples who met online. It has become a series that has captivated viewers for years. There have been plenty of ups and downs in the relationship, and some couples have found a happy ending.

One of the longest-running 90 Day Fiance couples was Maria and Cole. The couple appeared on season eight of the show. Stephanie and Alex also appeared on season six. After the couple split up, Stephanie moved to Virginia and Alex relocated to Belize. During that time, Alex’s cousin Harris and Stephanie began dating.

Maria and Cole are now the stars of the show’s spinoff, Just Landed. In this series, the couple is shown as they adjust to their new lives together. Each episode focuses on a specific day in their first few days in the United States.

Although Maria was the one who spotted Cole at a local seafood joint, she had no idea he was engaged to another woman. She was still on a tourist visa when she met him. However, she was ready to leave Colombia and move to Wisconsin. At that point, she knew she would have to adapt to a different way of life.

Before Cole and Maria met, they were both in long-term relationships. However, Maria didn’t know that his ex was part of his family. This caused a lot of problems between the couple. Nevertheless, both Cole and Maria still wanted to keep the engagement.

Maria is an industrial engineering student from Bogota, Colombia. She is twenty-four years old. When she arrived in the United States, she was surprised by the lack of cosmopolitanism in the Green Bay area. Instead of moving to a city, she decided to settle with her future husband.

Cole and Maria have had an uphill climb towards a relationship. They have been through some ups and downs, but they are now living happily ever after. Their son Gokhan is born through surrogacy in April of 2022.

Maria’s K-1 visa weighs heavily on Cole’s family. He has to worry about fitting in with his brother and sister, as well as his new fiance. His parents weren’t aware of his engagement to Maria.

While Maria didn’t have any friends in the United States, she did make some friends on social media. This led to her being a target for her ex-fiance. Her parents were unaware of the relationship and didn’t want her to go back.

Maria is a bit nervous about going back to her country. She worries that her ex-fiance will still be in her family. Also, she doesn’t know that her future in-laws will be unaware of their relationship.

In addition to the two seasons of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, there are two other spinoffs. These include 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days and The Family Chantel.

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