Adam Alban

Adam Alban – Counselor to Mental Health Practitioners, Clinics, Groups, Hospitals, and Behavioral Health Technology Companies

Adam Alban draws upon both his clinical background and law degree to offer legal guidance and consultation services tailored specifically to mental health practitioners, clinics, groups, institutes, hospitals and behavioral health technology companies in San Francisco. Adam provides clients with tailored advice that suits the realities of their practices.

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Early Life and Education

He studied art at Wabash College in Indiana before travelling abroad to London’s South Kensington art school for further study. When he returned home he opened a studio and taught art classes before undertaking extensive travels abroad and preaching sermons along with lecturing on Ahadith and its sciences.

He has published articles in professional journals and presented at numerous conferences, as well as being featured as a guest on radio programs and podcasts such as Mockingbird Ministries’ Same Old Song.

He currently teaches at St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Fort Meade, Florida and co-hosts a weekly lectionary podcast called Same Old Song with Jacob Smith.

Professional Career

Adam holds both master’s and doctoral degrees in clinical psychology. Since 2003, he has served as legal counsel to mental health practitioners, clinics, groups, institutes and behavioral health technology companies. Adam has experience representing mental health practitioners in license defense proceedings, deposition representations and practice formation as well as privacy breaches or clinical edge cases.

He has contributed his talents and expertise to a range of films and television shows, such as Elizabeth, Taken, Hero Corp, Bigbug, Cheyenne & Lola Calls Marianne T.A.N.K

As currently featured in AKA on Netflix, he plays an undercover special ops agent who travels undercover into Victor Pastore’s criminal organization to infiltrate it and bond with Victor’s son as well as replacing one of Victor’s henchmen as his bodyguard.

Personal Life

Alban Adam has been working closely with fashion designers on their communication and PR efforts since 2000, including Demna Gvasalia, Balenciaga, among many others. Additionally, he operates his own consultancy called Alban Adam PR.

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Net Worth

Adams amassed many accolades during his time with Arsenal, such as four English league championships and three FA Cup trophies. Additionally, he became a regular member of England national team, amassing 66 caps while competing in two World Cup tournaments. Since opening up about his struggles with alcoholism and becoming an advocate for recovery programs.

He currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Latto Volkova. They have been married for approximately 15 years but do not yet have children; instead focusing their energy into careers and lifestyle choices.

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