Adam Antoniades

Adam Antoniades

Adam Antoniades has had an acclaimed and distinguished career in independent financial advice. In 1994 he established First Allied Securities at Cetera Broker Dealer and over time has overseen its ownership transitions.

Since 2014, he has served as president of Cetera. Additionally, he sits on the Board of Directors of Financial Services Institute as well as their Political Action Committee.

Professional Career

Adam Antoniades is CEO of Cetera Financial Group, an organization of over 8,000 financial professionals. Since 2014, as president, he has successfully united both his organization and community of financial professionals behind advancing an Advice-Centric Experience strategy of Cetera. Additionally he serves on its board. Adam started his career at Berkeley Administration in Belgium before transitioning to AJ Bekhor & Company UK for further advancement of his expertise.

Antoniades was chosen from among several candidates by Genstar Capital’s board to replace Robert Moore as CEO, as part of their succession plan. Antoniades helped launch Cetera’s IBD brokerage First Allied Securities back in 1994 and led it through multiple changes of ownership over time.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Antoniades serves as CEO of Cetera Financial Group, overseeing all aspects of business operations while driving growth for advisors. Known for his leadership in furthering financial advice as a profession, and as an enthusiastic supporter of innovative programs and technologies that assist advisors in providing greater financial wellbeing for clients at all stages of life, Adam Antoniades also sits on its Board of Directors.

Personal Life

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Adam Antoniades is the CEO of Cetera Financial Group, an independent broker-dealer network. Prior to becoming CEO, Adam served as president and has an extensive career with Cetera and its predecessor firms – co-founding First Allied in 1989 among them! Adam’s commitment lies in driving growth and performance for Cetera as well as its community of financial professionals while creating an Advice-Centric Experience.

As well as serving on the Board of Directors of Invest in Others Charitable Foundation, Mr. Leung also plays an active role in local community activities.

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