Adam Archon

Adam Archon, Phi Omega (Southern Miss) and Ethan Longo, Omega (Idaho)

Adam is currently studying Marketing and Management as two separate majors at Southern Miss, serving on both committees: Standards Board, SGA and IFC. In his free time he enjoys attending sporting events and concerts.

He became Archon of the Lyran Alliance temporarily after freeing Tharkad from Word of Blake control and freeing its inhabitants, succeeding Peter Steiner-Davion temporarily before handing back the Archonship back over. In 3072 he handed back over his Archonship back to Peter after returning it upon its completion.

Early Life and Education

Adam Archon claims to be from 2045 and recently appeared on ApexTV with claims of time traveling from that year. According to him, Martin Luther King’s granddaughter Yolanda Renee King would become the final official president. This claim has been met with much skepticism by many.

Adams was the offspring of two diplomats and an shipping heiress and grandchild to two former presidents. He attended Dixwell School before enrolling at Harvard College where he graduated in 1858.

The Education of Henry Adams was first typeset as a draft in 1907. Four annotated copies still survive and contain Adams’ marginalia detailing changes he wanted to make – unfortunately a stroke occurred shortly thereafter and any realistic prospects of finishing his work came to an abrupt end.

Professional Career

Nathan Longo of Omega (Purdue University): Nathan is currently studying electrical engineering with a double minor in computer science at Purdue. As Chapter Archon for Omega chapter and an officer for Interfraternity Council. Additionally he belongs to Eta Kappa Nu, an ECE honor fraternity, as well as following college football and basketball matches while waterskiing around Michigan lakes in his free time.

Adam Archon recently made an unlikely claim on YouTube channel ApexTV: that Yolanda King, granddaughter of civil rights leader Martin Luther King will become the final US president before an AI government rules over it all in 2030.

Achievement and Honors

Ethan is currently studying Human Resources and Marketing at the University of Idaho. In his Kappa Iota chapter, Ethan serves as House Manager and Scholarship Chairman as well as Archon.

Adam Archon has posted a video to conspiracy YouTube channel ApexTV wherein he claims that he knows who will become the final formal president of the United States and when she will assume office. Although no specific date or duration are given for his prediction, Archon claims Yolanda Martin Luther King could become President one day.

Archon is willing to submit to a lie detector test in order to prove his claim of time travel and succeeds brilliantly! He passes with flying colors.

Personal Life

Adam is a proud and dedicated father to his two children, often accompanying him on his duties. Adam enjoys water skiing on lakes in Michigan as well as following college football and basketball closely.

He participated in Gear Up Florida 2018, serving as Brotherhood Chairman, Warden and Archon for his chapter. A senior at State University of New York at Geneseo studying Geography with hopes to enter urban planning after graduation.

He temporarily succeeded Peter Steiner-Davion as Archon after liberating Tharkad from Word of Blake occupation as a show of Lyran solidarity and briefly held on until 3072 during the civil war, taking control of Melissia Theater to focus on clan invasion.

Net Worth

Adam Archon is an entrepreneur and investor. He has established several education- and technology-based companies and organizations such as Access Granted, Inc., Sanctified Solutions LLC, Visionary Arts Foundation and Superluminal Systems – in addition to speaking at various events and conferences nationwide.

ApexTV recently uploaded a video featuring a self-declared time traveler who claimed they knew who the last formal president of the United States was, either as an April Fool’s joke or serious statement. ApexTV conducted a lie detector test for all guests who claimed they traveled from another place or time; unfortunately for him though he failed. To protect his anonymity he spoke using modified voice modulation for greater confidentiality during this video clip.

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