Adam Arp

Adam Arp, a Young Iowa Hawkeye With a Spinal Cord Injury, Wins an Arthritis Award

Adams is the author of several books covering counseling, theology, hermeneutics, Christian living, aging, eschatology and church conflict as well as secular psychological concepts and their implementation within biblical teachings.

Adams has toned his biceps from lifting heavy bee boxes. Even after suffering 35% losses due to mites last year, Adams is determined to keep farming.

Early Life and Education

Adam Arp, from Williamsburg, Iowa is living with a spinal cord injury and connects to his care team at University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital through their “Kid Captain” program. The initiative partners Iowa Hawkeye players with children who face tough battles so that we may recognize and celebrate their inspiring stories.

Adams received numerous requests to record his lectures after publishing Competent to Counsel, so he established the Institute for Nouthetic Studies (INS) and designed an intensive training program.

At this time, he also wrote many books on biblical counseling, hermeneutics, Christian living, sermons (including one for laypeople on how to listen), pastoral ministry, fiction writing, eschatology and church conflict resolution. With help from a friend he established Timeless Texts Publishing as a publishing platform.

Achievement and Honors

Adam was honored with The Mary Pack Arthritis Program’s Addie Thomas Service Award, which recognizes outstanding volunteer contributions to arthritis-related activities at local, regional and national levels. Adam accepted this honor during a ceremony held in Vancouver, British Columbia. Adam worked as both clinical social worker and Rheumatology Liaison/Outreach Services Coordinator within their Arthritis Program.

At Westminster, he also served as pastor. Later, after moving with his wife to Simpsonville in upstate South Carolina and buying some rural land and starting their own church there, they relished being back into pastoral ministry each week through preaching, counseling and writing further books such as Christian Counselor’s Commentary.

Personal Life

Adams traveled extensively after publishing Competent to Counsel, advocating his view of biblical counseling in various forums – often among pastors whose churches were deeply invested in non-biblical psychological systems that Adams opposed.

Adams continued writing and lecturing despite his health challenges, founding Timeless Texts with his friend to expedite publication of his books more quickly.

Adam Arp is now an established beekeeper and the founder of Mountain Top Honey in Flagstaff, Arizona. With strong arms toned from hoisting heavy bee boxes, his presence commands respect. Additionally, Adam serves as Kid Captain for University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital’s annual Kid Captain program honoring children facing challenging situations – this year choosing One Shining Moment by OneRepublic as his song selection for Saturday’s Hawkeye Wave game against Michigan.

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