Adam Basilico

Adam Basilico

Adam Basilico is a professor of linguistics at the University of Alabama specializing in syntax and semantics. His research interests span across various phenomena such as internally headed relative clauses, dative alternation, noun incorporation and particle verbs – for which his work has appeared in publications like Language, Linguistic Inquiry and Natural Language and Linguistic Theory journals.

Early Life and Education

Adam Basilico grew up in Greenville, South Carolina as part of a Catholic family and attended local schools. After attending Greenville State University where he earned both his undergraduate degree in English as well as later completing a doctorate degree in theoretical linguistics he earned both degrees at Georgetown University.

Research interests of Dr. Leyva include cognitive science and neurolinguistics as well as literature, poetry and modern and contemporary American writing.

Adam Basilico is an academic who teaches theoretical linguistics and Southernism courses at the University of South Florida in Tampa. He currently resides in Fort Pierce with his wife and children; as well as being a member of the Democratic Party.

Personal Life

Adam Basilico of 4313 Gator Trace Cir, Fort Pierce, Florida and is affiliated with the Democratic Party has been charged with possessing child pornography on ten separate counts, according to an affidavit provided by police who conducted a search of his house where they found images and videos depicting children engaged in sexual acts against each other.

He boasts a large following on social media. His TikTok account boasts more than 33 likes while he can also be found regularly tweeting from Twitter.

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