Adam Bender

The Life of Adam Bender

Adams channeled his energies as both a photographer and writer into projects that helped his fellow citizens. His philosophical outlook resonated with national sentimentality.

Adams was an unwavering champion for wilderness preservation and environmental sustainability, attending meetings and writing thousands of letters supporting his conservation philosophy to newspaper editors, Sierra Club members, Wilderness Society members, government bureaucrats and politicians alike.

Early Life and Education

Adam was raised in a northern Chicago suburb. As part of USY and conservative movements, he participated in numerous programs including USY/Conservative youth group membership and graduated with a degree in finance from University of Minnesota.

His family relocated to Yankton, South Dakota in 1977 where he found employment at Wally’s U-Market, Cimpl meat packing facility, Concrete Materials and even driving school bus.

As well as being a member of the Yankton Moose and avid follower of Chicago sports teams, he enjoyed shooting pool, tinkering in his shop, and fishing.

Adam has never let his disability stand in the way of accomplishing what he loves: wrestling at Lexington Catholic. Currently ranked 3rd in state at 106 pounds.

Professional Career

Adam Bender is an award-winning journalist and author of speculative fiction across multiple topics. By day he reports on state and local telecom issues for Communications Daily; by night he can often be found reading up on tech trends himself or attending tech-related conferences like Tech Fest AU or MWC Australia where his telecom coverage won awards; prior to Communications Daily Adam held senior editor duties for Computerworld Australia where his telecom coverage won awards – most rewarding part of job – working alongside some incredible people and in his free time reading books or drinking wine with friends – or just sitting back & relaxing over coffee /mocha/coffee break!

Achievement and Honors

Adam Bender made an impactful first impression at Carr Wrestling Academy as a kid, where his athletic prowess astounded both students and staff alike. Although short in height, his commitment to winning both on the mat and off was admirable. An honor roll student in high school, Adam later excelled on college scene by making all-conference decathlon team while finishing in top five in its marquee event; all while getting to know his classmates better; both individually as well as through family fun activities!

Personal Life

Adam Bender became a national sensation at 8 years old. Featured on a sports magazine cover and participating in ceremonial first pitches by major league teams like the White Sox, Reds and Astros he quickly found himself an unforgettable celebrity.

Adam had grown up playing baseball, but found it increasingly challenging to compete on only one leg. So he turned to wrestling which allowed him to compete using both legs.

Adam has already made an impressionful statement at Lexington Catholic High School’s young wrestling program, ranking third in the state at 106 pounds.

Chris and Michelle Bender told Coach Patterson – who has been coaching Woodford County wrestlingrs since 2005 – to treat Adam like any other wrestler without making special accommodations for him.

Net Worth

Adam Bender is an author who writes dystopian fiction combining action, romance and humor. With a net worth estimated at $20 Million derived largely from broadcasting earnings as a broadcaster as well as owning minority shares in Pro Football Focus – an organization which collects and analyzes football performance data – as well as being CEO of tech start-up Flow that produces smartphone applications to assist athletes train better. Born and raised in Los Angeles as part of a secular Jewish family while also competing in decathlon events at Desert Vista High School

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