Adam Ezrapour

Adam Ezrapour

Fried Frank’s real estate team led by partner Jonathan Mechanic and including associates Alexander Sutherland, Ben Cohen, Gilmar Colonia, and Adam Ezrapour advised Seavest on this transaction. Funding included a $425 million senior construction loan through M&T Bank as well as a mezzanine loan provided by RXR Realty for $105 million total financing of the deal.

Early Life and Education

Adam Ezrapour was born in Bronx, NY. After attending University of Maryland and receiving an MBA, he went on to obtain his law degree at NYU School of Law before beginning to practice law as an attorney since 1981. Notable clients he has served include United States Department of Justice, General Electric and American Express as well as being well known in his community through charitable works he performed under aliases; also believed to have children with Debbie A Ezrapour whom he married and is believed to share custody with.

Professional Career

Adam Ezrapour is an Iranian lawyer. He founded the Ezrapour Law Firm in New York City to specialize in immigration, criminal, and personal injury cases as well as act as public advocate for his community. Adam has appeared on national television as well as written several articles and books regarding his legal work – some under the pseudonym Adam Edward Ezrapour – and serves as public advocate. Adam lives with Maurene Scharf with whom they share two children. Additionally he has several relatives including Brad J Scharf Debbie A Ezrapour and Yvette Ezrapour who all reside nearby.

Personal Life

Adam Ezrapour is married to Kristina Scharf, with whom he shares three children. Additionally, he has an extended family with several nieces and nephews living nearby in Bronx, NY and known by both aliases – Adam Edward Ezrapour and Adam Ezrapour – over time. FastPeopleSearch provides access to public records of people like Adam Edward Ezrapour; use it free of charge for searching current addresses, phone numbers and background details such as criminal background history as well.

Net Worth

Net worth measures the total assets owned minus external liabilities owed. It serves as an essential metric when evaluating the worth of businesses or individuals.

Adam has made wise choices with both of his YouTube channel and merchandise business ventures, appealing to a large audience and simultaneously growing both ventures simultaneously.

Divorcing Nichole likely had an enormous impact on his finances, yet he remains successful thanks to an enormous fan base who are there for him and will continue supporting him.

His primary source of income comes from YouTube and the 2017 film KINGS, featuring Halle Berry and Daniel Craig. He also runs DriftHQ car parts business; making an estimated annual gross of $500,000.

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