Adam Heder

Adam Heder (Actor)

Heder has made his mark through roles such as Napoleon Dynamite, Click’s lovable slacker and Billy Madison’s gourmet rat farm proprietor – each featuring his trademark dry humor and quirky sensibilities. Represented by Endeavor and Management 360 respectively.

Adam represented a family from trial through appeal in what became one of Oregon’s highest verdicts ever awarded against construction defects/indoor air quality issues.

Early Life and Education

Heder was born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado to housewife Helen Brammer and doctor James Heder. He has an identical twin brother named Dan as well as older siblings Rachel, Doug, and Adam.

He is an avid sports fan, having participated in baseball at Walker Middle School before attending South Salem High School. Additionally, he is an experienced lawyer having litigated cases at all levels from trial court to appellate court.

Heder began appearing in web series beginning in 2008, such as horror comedy Woke Up Dead and martial arts comedy Sockbaby. Additionally, Heder voiced Chicken Joe for Surf’s Up 2: Wave Mania. Kirsten Bales met Heder while attending Brigham Young University; together they now share four children and are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Professional Career

Heder is not only an accomplished actor; he also practices law in Oregon. Specializing in environmental and construction defect cases, Heder has successfully represented his clients from trial through appeals proceedings and achieved significant victories through private arbitration proceedings.

Heder is a father to five, including two sons and three daughters. Together with his wife, they’re actively present on social media – often posting pictures from family adventures they take part in together.

Heder continues to appear in films, although his roles have decreased since Napoleon Dynamite made him so widely-renowned. In 2012 he played a key role in For Ellen as well as several forgettable direct-to-video flicks; additionally he is well known as an voice actor on various Cartoon Network series such as Robot Chicken; in 2007 Blades of Glory also saw him co-starring alongside Will Ferrell as an old figure skater who’s about to lose everything he once held dear.

Achievement and Honors

Heder has won multiple awards for his film work. Nominations include both nominations and wins such as being honored at Teen Choice Awards as both “Choice Movie Hissy Fit” and “Choice Movie Dance Scene”, respectively for his performance as Napoleon Dynamite in 2005 Teen Choice Awards.

Adam Heder is the son of family practice physician James Heder and Helen Brammer. He has four siblings including twin brother Dan as well as Rachel, Doug, and Matt; attended Walker Middle School, South Salem High School’s swim team before attending University of Maine Dartmouth as an undergraduate.

Heder boasts an IQ of 180 and can speak Japanese fluently as a result of serving a missionary assignment for the Mormon church there. Additionally, he studied at Brigham Young University.

Personal Life

Heder attended Walker Middle School in Salem and graduated from South Salem High School before studying at Brigham Young University, where he participated actively in both Drama Association and Swim Team activities. Furthermore, Heder worked on an animated short film called Pet Shop that earned the non-traditional animation student Emmy Award in 2005.

Heder continued his filmography post-Napoleon Dynamite with 2005’s Just Like Heaven and 2006’s The Benchwarmers, in which he co-starred alongside Mark Ruffalo and Reese Witherspoon. Additionally, Heder is well-known as a voice actor; having voiced Chicken Joe from Surf’s Up / Woke Up Dead films.

Heder also boasts an acting career, in addition to practicing Oregon law as an attorney. He has represented homeowners in construction defect cases as well as builder/seller liability issues.

Net Worth

Heder, best known for his role as Napoleon Dynamite in 2004 comedy film ‘Napoleon Dynamite,’ for which he won an MTV Movie Award, is estimated to have an estimated net worth of $10 Million as of 2023. Additionally he has appeared in “Just Like Heaven”, “The Benchwarmers”, School for Scoundrels” and Blades of Glory”.

Heder is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and has twin brother Dan Heder. Of Swedish heritage and raised in Salem, Oregon – attending Walker Middle School, South Salem High School and Brigham Young University before currently residing in Los Angeles with his wife and children; Heder voiced Chicken Joe and Surf’s Up characters from Robot Chicken on Cartoon Network series Robot Chicken.

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