Adam Hitchcock

Adam Hitchcock

Adam Hiccock was an exceptionally accomplished musician, singer, and composer. He played in numerous bands including Sun Gods in Exile and Black Apple.

He holds a Bachelor’s of Telecommunications and Political Science from Indiana University and was previously the Managing Director at Guggenheim Partners before moving onto become Senior Advisor of Resolute Public Affairs.

Early Life and Education

Hitchcock was born and raised in England within a strict Catholic family environment. Although he tended to remain quiet and introspective as a youngster, his shyness combined with an intensity of genius allowed him to enter artistic circles at an early age and gain prominence within it.

While working in advertising and cable television industries, he began writing short articles and publishing them to an in-house magazine.

After becoming interested in filmmaking, he entered the film industry as a title card designer for silent movies, later moving into directorial roles as well.

He was an undisputed master of suspense who brought twist endings and dark subjects with incredible skill, as well as injecting his unique brand of humor and charisma into popular culture through interviews, film trailers and his television anthology Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Professional Career

Adam Hitchcock first discovered his passion for photography as a boy. Inspired by nature and eager to capture it on film, Adam wanted nothing more than to capture its beauty on camera.

He developed his own distinctive style and technique for photography, experimenting with lighting, exposure, and lens choice to achieve his desired effects. He would often spend the whole day walking from dawn to dusk searching for the ideal spots from which to photograph them.

His love for photography combined with technical know-how made him a much sought-after photographer, earning him a living from it. Additionally, he wrote many manuals detailing photography techniques – helping define fine art photography history through books like these.

Adams was deeply dedicated to photography as a fine art, becoming an instrumental figure in establishing a museum department at MoMA. He formed close ties with Beaumont Newhall (first photography curator), Nancy Newhall (historian-curator and writer-designer), both who would remain close associates throughout his later life.

Achievement and Honors

He has established himself in the world of cinema through directing various films and receiving several accolades, such as AFI Life Achievement Award in 1979.

He is also known for his generous charitable efforts; serving on the boards of Urban Initiatives and A Better Chicago as well as supporting Indiana University.

Hitchcock is a master problem-solver. His abilities were put to use helping Barack Obama’s presidential campaign find housing solutions in Chicago and at the White House – something which required extensive logistics work.

Binghamton University awarded him his undergraduate accounting degree, followed by Bloomsburg University where he obtained his Master of Business. Since 2012 he has served as assistant professor of economics.

Personal Life

Hitchcock was born and raised in London during an era still haunted by Jack the Ripper. As an odd child he found much comfort in nature.

He fled England’s regimented lifestyle and settled in California to make a mark in film. At first he worked as a captioneer – lettering out explanatory title cards used in silent movies – but soon his talent and enthusiasm for cinema earned him screen credit as both director and art director.

His first feature, The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934), marked an international breakthrough, and quickly established him as an uncompromising master of suspense thrillers. Soon thereafter he would make numerous movies that boasted increasingly sophisticated plots as well as an increasingly dark sense of foreboding apocalyptic events.

Net Worth

Alfred Hitchcock amassed an estimated net worth of $200 Million during his lifetime, taking into account current market values and inflation adjustments.

His highest payoff came from the 1960 film “Psycho,” with which he received an estimated $15 million payout (equivalent to around $120 million today).

He made significant contributions to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign and served as chief of staff to Austan Goolsbee at the Council of Economic Advisers.

On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, his character of Captain Raymond Holt was described as both hardworking and stoic, serving in his role until Andre Braugher took over from him as regular cast member during season six. It is estimated that his salary on the show may have exceeded $100,000 per episode.

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