Adam Horn

Adam Horn

Adam Horn has 30 years of experience as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), offering crisis and suicide prevention/intervention services.

He holds two board certifications in Suicide Intention Skills Training (ASIST) and Crisis Prevention Institute’s Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Skills training; additionally he serves as Captain in the Tennessee State Guard.

Early Life and Education

Contrary to popular belief, Adam wasn’t born in Eden after all – rather, he was formed inside Mary and given life by God through gestation.

The second Adam was born as an unweaned fetus and went through all the same challenges and joys of childhood as any child before birth. God granted him a unique DNA code that defined who he was.

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Professional Career

Adam Horn was one of the original signings with the New Jersey Nets in 1997, and helped guide them to two NBA finals teams. Additionally, he was one of the league’s top ten scoring leaders during one of its most successful years ever. Adam Horn was also the only player ever to record a double-double during a regular season game and is still holding onto their single game scoring record. Adam horn made some of the most remarkable and fulfilling plays in professional basketball history during his prime. His 20.3 points per game ranking amongst its all-time top ten rebounders made him one of its all-time leading scorers and top performer during its best playoff performance ever seen in league history.

Achievement and Honors

Adam has quickly made an impressionful mark in the musical world. He has performed with various ensembles and been showcased as a soloist at the University of Oklahoma.

At Indiana University, he is studying under Professor Dale Clevenger and feels fortunate to be here at Jacobs.

Adam is passionate about music technology and electronics; in fact, he has founded two companies and is involved in founding one more.

He spends much of his free time playing video games and reading books, as well as spending time outdoors hiking or biking with friends.

Personal Life

Horn is a professional musician who has performed with orchestras around the globe, in addition to leading several musical projects and founding several bands. He founded multi-genre fusion band Rock Horn Project as well as being part of Gil Evans Centennial Project, Gil Evans Big Band and Miho Hazama M-Unit Band.

He is also an AAMFT Approved Clinical Supervisor for post-master’s LMFT and LPC candidates in Tennessee and California, offering supervision in relationship matters such as marital/premarital issues, child/adolescent problems, stress/depression/grief/divorce situations/self esteem/anger management/coping skills issues as well as trauma/PTSD symptoms and more.

Adam has also served as a Legislative Coordinator, helping draft and negotiate legislation related to marine debris, ballot initiatives, tire recycling programs, levee maintenance funding needs, indemnity reform and mental health care issues. His knowledge in translating complex policy issues into simple language has allowed him to build diverse coalitions and foster positive results for policy.

Net Worth

Adam Horn is an American footballer known for winning four Super Bowl trophies and being the league’s all-time leading scorer with 1,156 points. After starting with the Patriots and later moving onto the Colts for 10 seasons before eventually retiring in 2021.

He has amassed an estimated net worth of over $2.5 Million through hard work and clever business strategies, principally his YouTube channel and merchandise line as the sources of income. Additionally, he works as a personal trainer at his gym called Sculpt Fitness; social media influence allows him to make up to PS3,804 per sponsored Instagram post through sponsorship; as well as partner deals and endorsement agreements which further expand his earnings potential.

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