Adam Janssen

Adam Janssen

Adam Janssen is an accomplished musician, composer, and educator. He has performed and arranged music for orchestra, brass ensembles, string ensembles, vocal chamber ensembles and choirs.

His credentials include both a Master of Music in Education and Bachelor of Music Performance (Trombone). Currently a member of Radiant Strings and teaching instrumental music for Propel Schools.

Early Life and Education

Adam Janssen was born in Holyoke, Massachusetts as one of three siblings.

He is an accomplished musician, performing as a violinist, violist and trombonist throughout Pittsburgh and other parts of the country. Additionally, he serves as composer, arranger and public relations specialist.

His musical journey began at eight, when he started taking violin and trombone lessons with Robert Tupper and later Drew Fennell of River City Youth Brass Band.

He then continued his education by earning a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Binghamton University before enrolling at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City for his doctoral studies.

Professional Career

Adam started playing organized hockey at eight years old and his parents invested both their time and money to bring out his best abilities. Adam excelled in National Junior Bruin’s with 30 goals and 35 assists over 57 games – ultimately earning himself a full scholarship offer to Boston College to play hockey at 14 years old!

Adam’s wife Monique was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia in June 2011. While staying in Daytona Beach they enjoyed an enjoyable summer until Monique received the news that she needed a bone marrow transplant later that fall. She underwent her transplant operation on October 15, 2011.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Janssen was an esteemed chemist and innovator who established and ran one of the most successful drug companies ever seen. As leader of his organization he pioneered several breakthrough medications which transformed medicine while helping millions around the globe.

Janssen achieved greatness as an inventor by developing the first anti-parasitic and Alzheimer’s treatment drugs, as well as many others including treatments for AIDS, depression, pain management and nausea. He even created several medicines marketed commercially.

Janssen was not only a leader in pharmaceutical science but was widely revered by his peers; he received several scientific and medical prizes as well as honorary degrees during his long and fruitful career.

Personal Life

Adam Janssen is an esteemed figure in the business world. A master salesperson who always puts client needs first, Adam takes great pride in providing excellent sales assistance and taking great pride in making an impressionable first impression with every client he encounters.

He is a highly motivated individual, always searching for ways to improve his performance. Additionally, he’s an excellent communicator and truly passionate about what he does.

He enjoys spending his free time watching sports and playing video games with his children, as well as spending quality time with Tiffany, his wife.

Adam Pineault treasures Shadow as much as any member of his family does, providing companionship, security and playmates. Shadow has quickly become part of their household since arriving with them recently and quickly made herself at home among them all.

Net Worth

Adam Janssen is a renowned American actor with an estimated net worth of $5 Million. Known for his work in various television shows and films such as Office Problems and many others, Janssen began his career appearing in several other films and series after that debut episode.

Audrey Starr is an actress and educator, serving as a positive role model to her son throughout his life.

Tarek El Moussa is a real estate agent and they jointly own multiple properties across different locations. Together they form an amazing bond and are both successful in their field, owning some of the most expensive cars out there and dedicating themselves passionately to their work.

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