Adam Katsale

Adam Katsale

Early Life and Education

He spent much of his formative years riding the subway between his Bronx home and Queens preppy prep school, where he excelled academically, but still found time for leisurely strolls along the canal and lively social interactions with his classmates. Adam obtained an undergraduate degree in biology at Binghamton University and went on to earn both his graduate and undergraduate degrees from Columbia. He then completed his medical doctorate from Mount Sinai Medical School in Manhattan after undertaking an extremely competitive research program that focused on neurotransmitter receptors and neuroplasticity. He completed his career as an associate professor of neuroscience at New York’s renowned Rockefeller University, leading one of the largest brain imaging studies ever. Within the scientific community he is considered one of the most successful early career scientists.

Professional Career

Adam Katsale is an American actor known for appearing in numerous movies and television series. Additionally, he is known for being a YouTube sensation and an entrepreneur.

Beginning his professional acting career as a teenager, he has worked on numerous projects. Appearing in various roles and winning numerous awards.

On top of acting, he has also done voice work for animated series as well as appearing in numerous music videos.

As part of his acting career, he has earned several awards and nominations. Additionally, he was part of the cast in a Broadway production called Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

He holds strong passions for family, travel, food and photography – in particular Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals – while supporting both local and global charities, particularly his alma mater University of Illinois at Chicago.

Personal Life

Adam holds an insatiable curiosity for an array of subjects, from neuroscience and technology to cognitive science, nature, and outdoor adventure. An avid reader and lifelong wanderer, Adam also has a strong fascination for exploring psychedelics as an addiction therapy option.

At every stage in his career, Dr. Hearne has disseminated his research and insights through high-impact media such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Time, Discover, Wired PBS NPR CNN as well as over 675 invited presentations he gave himself.

Adam is one of the co-founders and directors of Akili Interactive, a company which creates therapeutic games backed by PureTech Ventures as lead investor. Additionally, he established Neuroscape; a translational neuroscience center focused on designing, developing and validating novel brain assessment and enhancement technologies.

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