Adam Kirk

Adam Kirk – Guitarist, Singer and Songwriter

Adam Kirk is an accomplished veteran in the music industry and an award-winning guitarist and songwriter with extensive experience in contemplative songwriting. Additionally, he is an outstanding teacher with a deep commitment to helping others develop their musical abilities.

Kirk is widely renowned for his emotive guitar playing and comes from a long lineage of artists who draw upon more ethereal sounds for inspiration. Performing across the country at various venues and classes alike.

Early Life and Education

Adam Kirk was born and raised in Duck Hill, Mississippi. He attended preparatory schools at both Grenada Public Schools and Kirk Academy prior to graduating from Delta State University.

Artisan known for contemplative songwriting and lyrical guitar playing. Drawing his inspiration both from reality and beyond it. Has worked both as a solo act and with artists such as Joan Baez and Sinead Lohan performing at venues ranging from local pubs to Carnegie Hall.

He also enjoys teaching, both privately and formally in educational settings. He has instructed music, voice lessons, recording production, songwriting instruction to students of all ages and is currently pursuing a Ph.D in Educational Policy from University of Pennsylvania.

Professional Career

Adam Kirk is a lawyer specializing in business law and tax. He serves clients across taxation, corporate, and real estate issues. Additionally, Adam is certified public accountant (CPA) who belongs to the American Institute of CPAs.

Adam has dedicated his career to fighting for his clients’ rights and working to ensure they are treated fairly in court. Additionally, he serves on committees related to immigration and employment law issues. Adam is an active member of Emmanuel Baptist Church as well as an avid sports fan; playing golf, hunting and travelling with family are some of his favorite pastimes. When not practicing law he enjoys teaching English to middle school students – not to mention traveling and trying new recipes! Additionally he’s an avid reader.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Kirk has over 25 years of engineering experience. He holds both Professional Engineer status as well as a Master’s Degree from the University of Washington for Transportation Engineering and Planning.

As a consultant for local government agencies, he assists them in finding solutions that address their safety and operational requirements. He is well known as an expert in geometric design as well as traffic safety.

Wichita State State will welcome Tom as both head cross country coach and assistant track and field coach. Over his 14 years with Wichita State’s program, his teams have achieved 104 all-conference honors and 78 individual conference titles under his guidance.

Personal Life

Adam Kirk is a well-renowned guitarist, singer and songwriter renowned for his contemplative songwriting and lyrical guitar playing. He has performed anywhere from local pubs to Carnegie Hall with great success.

He is an enthusiastic sports fan and outdoor enthusiast. His favorite activities are playing golf, hunting deer, attending college and professional sporting events and attending golf tournaments.

Adams is passionate about teaching and mentoring young people both privately and formally (The New Village School, North Bridge Academy and Marin Montessori). Using his experience to share knowledge about guitar, drums, keyboard, ukulele voice recording.

Net Worth

Adam Kirk is an American television host and sports commentator for Amazon Prime who currently rakes in $10+ Million annually from their platform, in addition to broadcasting ESPN and NFL games.

Adam has an estimated net worth of $5 Million as of April 2023. Born August 22, 1990 in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota – where he began rooting for the Minnesota Vikings – Adam also looked up to Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter as an inspiration and idolized him growing up.

Formerly, he worked as a veterinarian in Montana who stole drugs without their knowledge or consent from patients. When his license was taken away from him, he moved on to an animal clinic so as not to be caught stealing more drugs without being noticed.

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