Adam Lange

Adam Lange Net Worth

Adam Lange is an Instagram model and former member of Team 10. He enjoys an immense following online.

He hails from both French and South African heritages and currently resides in Los Angeles under his Instagram handle @alexlange; additionally, he maintains Twitter accounts as well as YouTube channels for communication purposes.

Early Life and Education

Adam lange was born in Livingston, New Jersey on October 11, 1967 to Judy Caprio and Arthur Sr. of Livingston and raised as part of a single-parent household by Arthur Sr.

Lange attended Union High School and excelled at baseball as a third baseman.

He was an extremely active child who spent much of his time engaging in athletic activities – something which helped his grades greatly.

As well, he studied college. Additionally, he is also an entrepreneur, having founded multiple companies.

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Professional Career

Adam Lange is an American stand-up comedian and radio personality. He has appeared on The Howard Stern Show as well as MADtv.

He has worked extensively in film and television. He appeared in Dirty Work as well as Code Black, an animated sketch comedy show.

As a stand-up comedian, he has performed at comedy clubs and theaters throughout the U.S. As well as this, he released a comedy album.

He is best-known for his YouTube videos. With over 600k subscribers to his channel and many hilarious clips being uploaded regularly, he is also an impressive Instagram presence.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Lange is an esteemed Internet personality and vlogger with a significant following on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

He launched his self-titled YouTube channel on February 3rd 2013; it primarily features car videos and has amassed 3.36 million subscribers since.

Langan has an affinity for racing cars and drifting. As such, he began creating innovative racing vlogs to share his enthusiasm – garnering an impressive subscriber count along the way.

He also maintains a website offering merchandise such as hoodies, T-shirts, skateboard decks and store banners to sell online. In addition, his Instagram following stands at over 1.3 million.

Personal Life

Adam Lange is an esteemed American comedian and actor. He enjoys an impressive fan following on social media platforms such as Instagram and has made significant money through YouTube channels he owns.

Lange is well known and celebrated comedian, yet his personal life isn’t without issues. He’s had an issue with substance abuse and has been arrested multiple times for violations including drug possession.

Lange has also appeared as a guest on The Howard Stern Show, during which time he was frequently criticized for his drinking and eating habits.

Lange attempted suicide in 2010, which led him down a dangerous path of substance abuse and arrest. While Lange went into rehab, relapses resurfaced again in 2018 before returning to his career in 2020 by creating the Artie Lange’s Halfway House podcast.

Net Worth

Adam lange is an award-winning comedian and radio personality, estimated to have amassed an estimated net worth of over $1 Million.

Lange has also appeared on television programs like “Mad TV” and the “Howard Stern Show.” Additionally, Lange is also a writer.

He has struggled with drug abuse and depression in the past. Additionally, he was arrested multiple times.

Due to this, his income has steadily decreased over the years and he hasn’t found the appropriate partner with whom to settle down.

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