Adam Mandel

Adam Mandel

Adam Mandel is a medical doctor specializing in diagnostic radiology with over 22 years of practice under his belt.

He provides services in CT scanning, brain (neuroimaging), pelvic imaging and abdominal imaging for his patients.

He is board-certified in diagnostic radiology, with current practice including treating Medicare patients.

Early Life and Education

Adam Mandel was born to a liberal Jewish family and raised in Poland. An avid sportsman, Adam participated in Poland National Football Team competition.

As Nazi Germany invaded Poland, Adam’s family were forced to move and seek shelter in Soviet-controlled Poland, spending several years living in Lodz and Jaslo.

At school, he befriended Giza Menase and Jakub Kahane – soon they enjoyed skiing together as well as tennis matches.

Adam returned to Lodz and was quickly assigned as a carpenter at a lumber mill, working hard at honing his language skills and becoming an excellent craftsman. Additionally, Adam found great pleasure in music – playing the piano frequently as well as attending school and volunteering at his community’s Jewish synagogue.

Professional Career

Adam has extensive experience advising clients through cutting-edge technology and intellectual property matters. He specializes in helping them implement cost-effective IP portfolio management, strategy, registration programs to maximize value while mitigating legal risk.

He conducts commercial transactions relating to intellectual property, such as trademark clearance, prosecution and enforcement as well as licensing, domain name acquisitions, keyword advertising campaigns and internet infringement matters. He has an outstanding track record of protecting computer programs, websites, graphical user interfaces, product designs and packaging against unwarranted copying or infringement.

Mandel is also an experienced mediator, drawing upon his legal expertise to assess and negotiate between disputants in conflict. Using empirically supported methods, he helps clients push past limiting beliefs to reach resolutions they may have once thought were impossible.

Achievement and Honors

Mandel was an outstanding four-year starter for Denison University’s Big Red baseball team and an all-star on and off of the diamond. As career hits leader he led in hits, doubles, triples, homers and runs batted in. A two-time all-conference performer who finished up his collegiate baseball career by joining professional ranks; after which he garnered numerous leadership honors such as most outstanding player award (Denison history) as well as being first alumni to win both Division I men’s and women’s batting championships (NCAA Division I mens and WBA).

Personal Life

Adam Mandel is an aggressive advocate for those suffering from injury or illness. He approaches each case with compassion while being ready to fight hard on behalf of their rights.

He is a highly-experienced personal injury attorney with expertise representing those injured in construction accidents, medical malpractice cases and defective product lawsuits. He works closely with his clients throughout all stages of litigation from initial investigation through appeals.

He has two siblings; Greg is his identical twin brother while Teri married Erin Murphy and had their daughter Phoebe as well.

Net Worth

Adam Mandel is an established comedian known for his roles in films, TV shows, and animated features. Additionally he has hosted multiple game shows like Deal or No Deal and America’s Got Talent.

He is married to Terry Mandel and they share three children together, according to Celebrity Net Worth. As of now, their collective net worth stands at $60 Million.

Howie Mandel began his career as a stand-up comedian, winning several awards along the way. Since judging America’s Got Talent he has also openly discussed his struggles with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Additionally he made it a priority to give back to the community via Amazon’s charity campaign Breakout the Masks which supplies masks and PPE for doctors and nurses in need.

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