Adam Matruski

Adam Matruski Passes Away

Adam Matruski recently acquired the control voting block Preferred stock of Nano Mobile Healthcare Inc and now serves as President and CEO of the company.

He can be reached via his new Twitter handle @OfficialVNTH. According to an 8k filed with the SEC, he would guide VNTH into the Electric Vehicle Charge-Stations business.

Early Life and Education

Adam Schiff was born in Framingham, Massachusetts to Edward and Sherrill Ann Schiff and later raised in Danville where he graduated from Monte Vista High School before going on to Stanford University and Harvard Law School. For 34 years he was married to Carol Coolbaugh; together they raised two sons named Matthew and Adam together. Also living nearby are her siblings Walter & Paula Coolbaugh, Douglas & Robin Coolbaugh as well as Cathy & Mark Lester – whom all survived him as well as his widow Carol Coolbaugh was Walter Coolbaugh’s parents Cathy Lester who also survived him along with Walter Coolbaugh’s siblings Walter & Paula Coolbaughs Douglas&Robincoolbaughs along with Cathy& Mark Lester

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Personal Life

Adam Matruski was a loving husband and father to Matthew D. and Adam D.; he also showed great devotion to his family and friends. Adam Matruski served as President and Chief Executive Officer for Nano Mobile Healthcare Inc. He had an industrious spirit and was always searching for new opportunities to expand the company. Additionally, he enjoyed attending hockey games, antiquing, spending time with family and pets and spending quality time together as a family unit. Above all else he was known to put family first before doing anything to assist others who needed his assistance. Prior to his passing, Dr. E. Duane Coolbaugh and June Coolbaugh both preceded him in death. He leaves behind his beloved wife of 34 years, Douglas; two sons Matthew and Adam; siblings Walter, Paula Coolbaugh, Douglas, Robin Coolbaugh, Cathy Lester and Mark Lester; nieces and nephews Nicole, Kristen, Andrew Michael Sara Coolbaugh Melissa Lloyd Trueblood Megan Rayball Samantha Lester as well as uncle John Lyon as well as Phillip and Patricia Matruski who served as his legal guardians.

Net Worth

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