Adam Meek

Adam Meek

Adam Meek serves as General Manager – Footwear & Accessories of Canada Goose Inc, having over two decades of footwear expertise.

He has held leadership roles at top global brands like Sperry, Nike and Lacoste Footwear. Additionally, he possesses extensive expertise in footwear merchandising and marketing.

Early Life and Education

Adam is an acronym that refers to Hebrew Aadam (earth, man and soil) pronounced as eadam. According to tradition, God created Adam and gave him DNA code inherited from both parents.

Islam and Christianity both use this name, while for Christianity it refers to the Genesis creation myth, in which God creates Adam out of dust.

Adam has long been an influential Christian name, dating back to medieval England and becoming even more prevalent during Protestant Reformation. Additionally, this name can also be found in Sicilian, Italian and Maltese dialects as well.

Meek was inspired by her family history to focus on improving education outcomes for Latino and Black children living in low-income communities, particularly through universal prekindergarten programs that would ensure all children were ready to enter school.

Professional Career

Adam Meek is a Sales Manager at Ben Burgess & Co, where he oversees their sales team in order to help achieve their goals.

CoreNet Global and StreetWise, two Chicago-based non-profits which aid severely impoverished men and women through education and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Cameron Law LLC provides full-service environmental practice. They advise clients on matters relating to transactional, risk management, site remediation and site restoration issues. Their environmental lawyers specialize in complex multi-facility deals involving environmentally impacted properties with $100M+ valuations that involve multi-facility deals of this nature – they devise innovative value recovery strategies designed to mitigate associated environmental liabilities.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Meek is an award-winning brownfield transaction strategist. With extensive experience advising both private and public stakeholders on issues, processes, dynamics, objectives strategies and outcomes essential for successful brownfield redevelopments, Adam has the vision, relationships and resources required to bring complex brownfield sites back from death’s door – from grave to cradle.

He is an established speaker and author on brownfield divestment, redevelopment and risk management matters, serving on the Board of Directors of StreetWise as well as committee co-chair of the Industrial Asset Management Council. Additionally, since 2005 he has been named by Leading Lawyers Network to their list of “Leading Lawyers”.

Personal Life

Adam Meek was an outstanding criminal justice reformer. He co-founded the Reform Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to decreasing incarceration rates and encouraging rehabilitation programs.

Meek served as both a state legislator and taught at Florida A&M College. Additionally, he founded Miami-Dade County Commission on Children and Family Services where he helped develop support services for at-risk children.

Meek was accused in 2018 of sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl while under his care, as stated by Assistant State Attorney Cynthia Evers. Meek denied these claims but Evers states their investigation proved otherwise; Meek has an extensive criminal background dating back to when he was juvenile as well as physical abuse issues and alcoholism issues that make his denial questionable.

Net Worth

Adam Meek is a successful businessman with an estimated net worth of $3 Million. His income comes mainly from recording and performing music as well as endorsement deals.

He began his career in the mid 2000s with the release of Flamerz mixtape. His success stemmed from hard work and dedication to his craft.

Dreams and Nightmares was his debut album and quickly reached #1 on all three major charts: Rap, Hip-Hop R&B and Billboard 200.

Dreams Worth More Than Money was released and reached number two on both Rap and Hip-Hop R&B charts, garnering him Grammy nominations for singles “Young”, “Gettin’ It”, and “Raise Your Glass”.

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