Adam Mintz

Adam Mintz – YouTube Star, Vlogger, and BMX Rider

Adam Lizotte-Zeisler is an online personality and YouTuber best known for his self-titled channel where he uploads BMX webisodes, drifting videos, and “how-to”-related content.

He is an avid BMX rider and car enthusiast. A graduate from the University of Central Florida where he studied business management with an emphasis on entrepreneurship, he currently resides in Austin.

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Professional Career

Adam Minz is a YouTuber, Vlogger and BMX rider who has amassed a fan base of over 3.36 million subscribers on his channel. He posts various types of car-related videos.

He runs his clothing line called LZMFG and sells BMX-related merchandise at his shop. Additionally, he boasts an impressive car collection consisting of many exotic vehicles.

As a college athlete, he excelled as a fielding shortstop at Northern Arizona University, becoming an All-American for their shortstop in 1986 and helping lead them to fourth place finish at NCAA Division III World Series tournament.

Achievement and Honors

Adam has become one of the top YouTube personalities with over 3.29 million subscribers and 800 million views combined! His videos range from BMX webisodes to “how-to” related material.

He operates an online store selling T-shirts, hoodies and apparel to his ever-increasing fan base. In particular, his line of sportswear known as LZMFG (Lewis Zimmerman Modern Family Gear) boasts of being the most cost-effective “snap-on” sportswear available!

Mintze made his mark as a redshirt-junior in 2015 by leading his team with four sacks and five tackles for loss, earning 5.5 total tackles for loss as a redshirt-junior. Additionally, he earned semifinalist status for Vanderbilt Athletics’ Godfrey Dillard Courage Award – bestowed annually to one Commodore who displays exceptional character both on and off the field – as well as being one of 30 candidates nominated by Senior CLASS Award committee.

Personal Life

Adam Lizotte-Zeisler, better known by his YouTube handle Adam LZ, was born 5 May 1995 in Woodbury, Connecticut and quickly rose to prominence due to his videos uploaded onto the platform.

He began his YouTube journey in 2013 and has amassed an audience of 3.29 million subscribers and 800 million views to date. His videos feature both BMX tricks and car drifting techniques.

He enjoys spending his free time with Collete Davis, with whom he began a romantic relationship in February 2020.

He and Nicole Frye had previously been married, but the marriage ended for unknown reasons in 2018. After meeting at University of Central Florida and marrying on December 4, 2016, the two later separated due to unknown factors.

Net Worth

Adam LZ is a YouTube star and racer best known for his drift racing videos on YouTube, estimated to have amassed an estimated net worth of $3 Million.

He is an honest and reliable worker who also sells products online through YouTube and his clothing line, his primary sources of income.

His daily videos bring in approximately $2300 in advertising revenue, contributing significantly to his net worth. Additionally, LZ BMX clothing line brings in additional income.

He is an avid car collector, boasting 17 vehicles in his collection – such as a Mini Cooper S, BMW 335i Single Turbo, Mazda Miata, Nissan 240SX and Mustang GT350.

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