Adam Mizrach

Adam Mizrach

Adam Mizrach has an extensive record of arrest. Most recently he is serving time for repeatedly stabbing his roommate’s dog at her Delray Beach residence.

Kimberly Armstrong’s dog Shiloh is currently fighting for its life following multiple neck lacerations injuries sustained Monday morning during an attack, according to WPTV. Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League has offered assistance by covering some of Shiloh’s medical costs.

Early Life and Education

Adam Mizrach was raised in New York City. His mother inspired him to become a Jewish educator; she held an extensive career in Judaic Studies and education.

He earned his Master of Arts in Jewish Education from the University of Maryland. Since then he has taught in numerous schools across the US, and currently is serving as Madricha at Midreshet Tehillah.

Miriam Tannenbaum, also a faculty member at Midreshet Tehillah, and Avigayil are proud parents. As an active couple they enjoy traveling and running marathons; and are currently working toward opening a high school for girls in Beit Shemesh as well as participating in NCSY Israel in Jerusalem chapter activities to assist their students reach their full potential in life.

Professional Career

Adam Mizrach is best known for his leadership role in creating the National Jewish Multicultural Association, an umbrella non-profit representing all Jews in America and encompassing organizations like the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles and Jewish Community Relations Council of Southern California. Most recently added to this umbrella is JIMENA Innovation Center with a mission of improving quality of life for Jews and non-Jews alike.

His contributions in public relations are equally as noteworthy. He has assisted multiple non-profits raise funds, gain media coverage for important causes and events while helping raise public awareness through various campaigns such as an online edutainment series for kids at Wornick Jewish Day School; an educational tour of Abraham Lincoln’s historic home in Detroit; and social media efforts designed to bring attention to the Jewish Museum of Florida.

Achievement and Honors

He is currently a sophomore at Montclair High School and a member of the National Honors Society, excelling academically as well as being active in his community through membership at Darkhei Noam Orthodox Partnership Minyan in Upper West Side and involvement with Ansche Chesed Jewish youth group in same neighborhood for several years. Additionally, as part of high school activities he took part in Civics and Government Institute (CGI), which includes classroom debates, mock trials, as well as in depth studies about United States History through courses offered within school CGI program at his high school; classes involve classroom debates, mock trials as well as studying U.S. history through comprehensive classes to stay engaged both academically.

Adam Mizrach has built up quite an impressive resume, so it comes as no surprise that he would receive several awards and honors, not least his award for having made the most arrests at Delray Beach Police Department and repeated inclusion into their Honor Roll.

Personal Life

Adam Mizrach is known for engaging in criminal activities. He has been arrested several times for various offenses such as driving under the influence and possessing marijuana, among others. Adam currently resides in Manalapan, New Jersey with two wives.

Kimberly Armstrong found her dog Shiloh suffering from multiple neck lacerations after Mizrach, who had only recently moved into Kimberly’s Delray Beach home for less than 24 hours, attacked it. Mizrach is being charged with animal cruelty and must go through a mental health evaluation; two local shelters Peggy Adams Rescue League and Big Dog Ranch Rescue have offered to pay for Shiloh’s treatment costs.

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