Adam Mizrahy

Adam Mizrahy

Adam Mizrahy stars as one of the cast members in Bravo’s new workplace docuseries Camp Getaway. The series follows staff at an adults-only summer camp in Connecticut.

Adam takes great pleasure in travel and is particularly fond of hiking – having scaled some formidable mountain summits himself! When not busy helping others to buy or sell homes, Adam enjoys exploring.

Early Life and Education

Adam is an iconic name with deep cultural and historical roots that will continue to inspire your child well into his or her adult years. First appearing in biblical scripture and now seen everywhere from movie scenes to pop culture references, Adam remains popular even today and may continue doing so long into the future.

According to Priestly (P) narrative from 5th or 6th century BCE, God formed Adam out of dust on the sixth day of Creation before instilling life into him via “inspiration from above”. Adam and his wife Eve would become humanity.

Once they had consumed from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden. Cain, Abel, and later Seth would come into being.

Professional Career

Adam Mizrahy has appeared in several movies and television series, such as Iron Man 3, Taking Woodstock, Radio Rebel, Assassination of a High School President, Slow Learners and many others. Additionally he has made guest appearances on shows like Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Californication and The Colbert Report.

He has also worked as a news reporter, reporting on significant events such as Haiti’s 2010 earthquake and Copiapo mine collapse that saw 33 miners trapped for 69 days.

He has reported on wars in Iraq, Jordan and the Persian Gulf since joining Fox network in 2001 and traveling around the globe as an anchor and reporter.

Personal Life

Adam Mizrahi is an outdoorsy guy who enjoys traveling. He has visited multiple countries and thrives off of experiencing the thrills and spills that come with climbing mountains; having accomplished several of them himself. Additionally, Adam is very active on social media sharing his journeys and adventures.

He can currently be seen on Bravo’s docuseries Camp Getaway as one of its cast members, where the show chronicles an adult summer camp in Connecticut called Camp Getaway where adults go to feel like kids again and experience traditional camp activities in a club-like atmosphere.

Adam hosts his show Mondays at 9 pm Eastern and can be found online via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. He’s very active on these platforms as he gives back to charity through his posts.

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