Adam Namdar

How Adam Namdar Got Started In The Fashion Industry

Professional Career

Namdar made his mark as a high school athlete through his passion for basketball, becoming an All-State selection at North High School in Dallas and qualifying for Nike Indoor Nationals. Following college at Hawaii Pacific he took a special events course during which his innovative idea to establish a pro-am league featuring NBA stars and fashion designers was implemented successfully; through it all Namdar met former NBA player Frank Jackson who became crucial in developing Powder League together – together they continue to work closely on it today.

Personal Life

Namdar’s high school track coach suggested he give high jumping a try during the summer of 2016, and hasn’t lost a meet all season – qualifying both for State Meet and Nike Indoor Nationals!

He and Rembacz had the idea for the Powder League during a dream, yet needed convincing before starting their project. Frank Jackson, an NBA veteran who was close to Namdar provided invaluable insight into basketball culture.

He connected them with other basketball players, helping to kick-start their league and attract investors – eventually even employing over 50 people!

Net Worth

Igal Namdar and Elliot Nassim operate an impressive portfolio of shopping malls. Purchasing underperforming centres at bargain-basement prices, the pair gamble that they can turn a profit before all shoppers have dispersed from each mall in their portfolio of 134 properties according to Real Capital.

But their strategies are creating tension within communities. A lawsuit by investment firm ML Holdings alleges that Namdar and Mason defrauded Florida’s DeSoto Square Mall owners by charging excessive management fees before selling the properties at below market values.

Namdar and Mason have invested in movie theaters and a Midwest furniture chain since COVID-19 began squeezing profits out of them, while also investing money into struggling malls – including one in Maryland where a bankruptcy judge recently ordered them to take control. Unfortunately, market conditions have cut into their profits significantly.

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