Adam Neufeld

Adam Neufeld

Adam Neufeld is a family physician with expertise in both general medicine and pediatrics. Highly-trained in multiple medical specializations, he takes great pride in offering quality care across the lifespan to all his patients. Warm and professional in approach, Adam provides them with all of the information needed to make informed health decisions for themselves and their loved ones.

Early Life and Education

Adam Neufeld graduated from the University of Saskatchewan and completed his residency at the University of Calgary. With expertise and training in mental health, women’s health, sports medicine and lifestyle medicine – as well as being comfortable treating various ages of patients from newborns to senior citizens – Adam takes great pride in providing quality care for each of his patients.

Adam is most often associated with the Hebrew word adam, which translates to “earth” or “red”. However, its roots can also be found in Akkadian adamu which translates to “make”. Adam plays an important part in Genesis creation story as well as subsequent folkloric and mystical tales; appearing both within Christian and Islamic scripture as well as Quranic literature as well as Gnosticism elaborations – hence he has become a popular English name among both genders.

Professional Career

Adam is a generalist whose interests range from sports medicine to mental health and wellness. An excellent listener and communicator, Adam takes great pleasure in helping his patients understand how their bodies work – helping them live longer, healthier lives in turn. Adam is also an advocate for medical education as well as current research related to biomedical technology and neuroscience.

As a graduate from the University of Saskatchewan, Dr. Hinton completed his residency at Calgary’s West Campus. To his many accolades were added receiving the Dr. Marnie Hinton award for resident physician health in October 2022; also leading family medicine’s wellness initiative during this time as well as being proud to be part of one of Canada’s premier medical schools.

Personal Life

Adam Neufeld made a difference through his commitment to health and well-being in his practice as a physician, playing an instrumental role in improving his colleagues’ wellbeing. He served on multiple committees of the Professional Association of Resident Physicians of Alberta (PARA) as an avid champion for resident physicians’ welfare.

Diet was an avid cyclist who greatly appreciated spending time with his family. At UBC he taught Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies; his enthusiasm, energy and zest for life touched all he encountered – particularly his family, friends and students whose loss we feel profoundly. We thank you for helping to preserve his legacy through your thoughtful memorial gift – both to his family as well as supporting Classical Near Eastern and Religious Studies at UBC.

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