Adam Pasternak

Adam Pasternak, DO, CAQSM

Adam Pasternak, DO, CAQSM is a board-certified family medicine physician with additional qualification in sports medicine. He graduated with highest distinction from Missouri State University before graduating with his medical degree from Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine – Bradenton.

He provides care for patients of all ages ranging from children to the elderly for acute and chronic disease management, well visits, sick visits, non-operative musculoskeletal injuries, joint injections and immunizations. He sees patients at AdventHealth Medical Group Family Medicine – Port Orange located at 5535 S Williamson Boulevard in Port Orange.

Early Life and Education

Adam Pasternak was born in Suloszowa, Poland to Jozef and Zofia Pasternak and became his son in 1996.

After graduating with his BA in literature from Warsaw University, he moved to Moscow for further studies at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, graduating with honors. Subsequently he served as lecturer in Russian literature at Moscow University.

As Stalin’s repression increased during the 1920s, Pasternak began to shift further and further away from Communist Party ideology; his avant-garde poems gradually become less experimental and simpler.

Pasternak found some reprieve from Soviet repression during the 1930s, when his patriotic verse could be published for public consumption. After World War II however, renewed repression set in and he fell from favor – losing much of his fame along the way.

Professional Career

Adam Pasternak has over 14 years of experience as a family medicine specialist. After graduating from Lake Erie College of Osteopathy Medicine in 2009 and practicing osteopathy for 11+ years.

Although he has accomplished much throughout his professional career, it has not been without its challenges. He has changed jobs twice and worked at two separate companies for one year each.

Director Adam Barton does an admirable job documenting Pasternak’s journey, using early interviews to capture his astonishing confidence. Vlog footage provides distance from failed resale platform Flogg while bookending sit-down interviews give insight into Pasternak’s actual reality – this documentary serves as a sobering reminder of the human side of technology industry.

Achievement and Honors

Pasternak began writing poetry early, growing up in an artistic, Russian Jewish home populated with prominent authors such as Leo Tolstoy and Rainer Maria Rilke as well as composer Sergey Rachmaninoff.

His works ranged from the lyric to epic in their scope. Additionally, he translated Georgian poems with great skill before proceeding with Shakespearean plays and Goethe’s Faust translations. Sadly, he passed away at sixty-eight.

Personal Life

Adam Pasternak serves as Director of Evangelization at Saint Amelia Parish in Tonawanda, New York and leads a team that strives to draw fallen-away Catholics back into their Church community.

Canadian by birth and raised in Toronto, Ontario. He holds degrees in Kinesiology as well as Exercise physiology and nutritional sciences from the University of Toronto.

David has made international speaking appearances for various Fortune 500 companies, fitness and health organizations and government bodies – appearing at over 30 different countries where he spoke. Furthermore, major news outlets interviewed him.

Net Worth

Adam Pasternak is an esteemed American entrepreneur and businessman estimated to have an estimated net worth of $5 Million. Known as the founder of KABR Real Estate Investment Partners LLC, his portfolio of investments extends across many fields of endeavor.

Pasternak amassed his fortune through Knight Trading Group, founded with Walter Raquet and built into one of the largest market makers on NASDAQ traded securities – eventually going public in 1998 with an estimated market capitalization of $7 billion.

As a fitness and nutrition expert, he has been featured in many publications. His best-selling books include the 5-Factor World Diet, 5-Factor Fitness and Body Reset Diet. In addition to writing these best sellers he has appeared on television programs as well as spoken at major events across the United States.

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