Adam Plofker

Adam Plofker

Adam Plofker was associated with 8324 Lilac Ln Alexandria VA 22308 according to public records. At different times in its past ownership history, this property was held by Agnes M Ray, Sheila Plofker and Daniel Berry among others.

Adam Plofker’s lawsuit is currently ongoing at Volusia County Circuit Courts – Daytona Beach Justice Center located in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Early Life and Education

This film alters much of Black Adam’s history, yet still presents an engaging tale. Adam lived in thirteenth-century England with his father (a travelling minstrel) and their beloved dog; he enjoyed learning and traveled widely through Europe.

Adrianna Tomaz reveals to Amon that Kahndaq people regard Teth-Adam, or black Adam, as their protector. When found by Adrianna’s son Amon in Adrianna Tomaz’s bedroom by Amon, Teth-Adam agrees to serve in an antiheroic capacity and calls himself Teth-Adam or black Adam.

Waller attempts to convince Adam to remain compliant or she will send others after him, yet Adam challenges her and blows up a drone she sent after him. Meanwhile, Ishmael returns as Sabbac and begins terrorizing Kahndaq before Hawkman, Doctor Fate, Cyclone and Atom Smasher arrive to stop him.

Professional Career

Adam Plofker is a businessman active in Jersey City, N.J. He serves as CEO of Plofker & Company as well as vice president of a real-estate development firm. A graduate of Rutgers University with a master’s in city planning from Harvard, Adam Plofker is married to Nora Ellyn Ray and has one child named Christopher; although, in the past he was charged with crimes.

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