Adam Pool

Adam Pool – Venture Capitalist, Mentor and Entrepreneur

Adam Pool is an environmental & cleantech venture capitalist, mentor and entrepreneur based out of Central Europe. As such he has provided support to environmental & cleantech startups while serving as mentor and judge at several new technology competitions including MIT Techstars Cleantech Open among many others.

He is also one of the co-founders of Pool Brain, an all-in-one software platform for pools.

Early Life and Education

Adam Pool’s curiosity combined with an ability to take advantage of serendipity has opened many exciting doors in his life. Ithiel de Sola Pool was an eminent political scientist who studied Nazi World War II propaganda, democracy symbols used in speechmakers, and developed the “Six Degrees of Separation or Convergence Hypothesis.”

He then worked at Salomon Brothers, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Central European Fund restructuring companies emerging from communism. This endeavor proved extremely fruitful as he became one of the best known investors and advisors of his time.

Adams Pool Solutions is a family-owned and operated business with locations in Sacramento and Texas. Their professional team specializes in residential and commercial pool renovations, remodeling, repair and maintenance. Adams is known for their exceptional customer service and quality craftsmanship.

Professional Career

Adam Pool has held leadership roles at numerous companies ranging from startups to multinationals, from consulting, advisory, technology and outsourcing firms to serving on various boards of several firms.

He holds both an MBA from MIT and bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago, with experience investing in Central European environmental and cleantech companies. Additionally, he served as business manager at industrial bank Japan as well as associate at Salomon Brothers.

Adams Pool Solutions has quickly made its name known within the pool industry, becoming one of the premier pool service companies. They are known for their cutting edge designs and superior quality products – their popular Balabushka Series being one of the most desired billiard cues worldwide.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Pool is a Venture Capitalist and entrepreneur with 20 years of experience investing in Central European environmental, water, and clean energy technology companies. In that time he has served as angel investor/mentor to several CleanTech Open, Techstars, MIT and Northeastern University programs as well as being judge at new technologies competitions.

As his grandmother suffered from dementia, he and his mother created Dementia Pal, an online platform designed to assist families caring for a relative with this illness. Dementia Pal is recognized by NICE.

He is also an active volunteer and philanthropist, serving as a Fulbright National Role Model to over 70 students from underrepresented high schools.

Personal Life

Adam Pool was born in Uttoxeter, England. When he was first exposed to water at an early age, he would often panic and scream when his grandmother would put him in the bath tub. With time though, this fear eventually subsided as Adam began excelling as a swimmer becoming an internationally acclaimed world-class competitor.

Adam graduated with degrees from both the University of Chicago and MIT, earning both his Bachelor and Master’s. Since then he has become an integral partner at Clean Energy Venture Group while serving as international mentor for iAccelerate and helping start up ocean technology-related businesses.

As the father of two children with Samira, and currently separated, both make maintaining their relationship a top priority and connect via FaceTime whenever possible. They both remain committed to staying healthy and meeting their goals.

Net Worth

He earned wide fame through livestreaming the Occupy Wall Street protests in 2011, later going on to work for companies such as Vice Media and Fusion TV.

He is an active social media personality who engages regularly with his followers on various platforms, particularly YouTube where he uploads political commentary videos and personal vlogs such as Timcast IRL and Cast Castle where he also uploads these content pieces.

He is an investor, entrepreneur and mentor with experience in clean energy & water and hardware technology. Additionally, he serves as a judge at new technology competitions held at MIT, Techstars and Northeastern University; is on the Advisory Board of MIT Enterprise Forum Polska accelerator; Prochem SA and Finesco SA boards of directors as well.

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