Adam Souinta

Adam Souinta Net Worth

Adam Souinta is an accomplished actor known for his roles in both films and television shows, such as Henry in Step Brothers and Ben on Parks and Recreation.

Tonin Recio is an unintended son of Nines Chacon and Antonio Recio who appears as an extra in the series La Que se Afiche, played by Adam Souinta from Spain.

Professional Career

Adam Souinta is an extremely gifted player and makes an excellent living playing football and other sports. Additionally, he enjoys traveling and spending time with his family.

He played as a placekicker for the New England Patriots and won three Super Bowl championships thanks to hard work and determination.

Born and raised in Rapid City, South Dakota he attended Central High School where he earned all-state athletic recognition as a member of various teams and graduated in 1991 before enrolling at West Point for his graduate studies. Since then, he has owned his own winery in Napa Valley California; is married with two children, enjoys outdoor activities, and owns his own business ventures.

Personal Life

Adam Souinta plays Tonin Recio on Televisa’s popular series La Que se Aplica. Tonin appears as Nines Chacon and Antonio Recio’s unwanted son; over time there have been clashes with other characters within the show such as Oculos de Pollo appearing alongside Tonin; in episodes 9×14-19 Oculares de Pollo appears alongside Tonin; his family reside in Madrid.

He also appeared in a film entitled, Lo Que Yo Hecho (Loque Todo Lo Hecho). Additionally, he is an active member of Dojo Jinbukan de Mora.

Net Worth

Adam Sevani is an American dancer and actor with an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. Best known for playing Robert Alexander III in three of the Step Up movies (Revolution, 2: The Streets and 3D), Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory and LOL are among his credits as well as being of Italian and Armenian ancestry respectively. Sevani currently works at City National Bank as a private banker providing wealth management advice to high-net-worth clients.

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