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Mischa Barton is Scared of Her Ex-Boyfriend, Claiming He Has Copies of “Doctored” Ex-Tapes That She

Mischa Barton is terrified of Adam Spaw, whom she alleges possesses explicit tapes with images depicting her. On Friday she attempted to testify against him but he could not attend due to a family emergency in Cincinnati.

He has agreed not to release the video and photos, but refuses to admit owning them. Additionally, he agreed to a five-year stay-away order against her.

Early Life and Education

Mischa Barton is afraid of her former flame, alleging he has doctored tapes of them engaged in sexual relations. On Friday she appeared before a Los Angeles court seeking an extension on a temporary restraining order against him; according to Barton he showed up unexpectedly at her friend’s house and has been prowling around the neighborhood where they reside together.

Spaw, also known as Adam Shaw, reached a settlement agreement in court wherein he agreed not to release an alleged tape of actress, yet did not admit ownership. Under this five-year restraining agreement he also agreed not to sell or distribute intimate photos or videos featuring her; and to remain at least 100 yards away from her; neither contacting her directly through emails or texts messages will be allowed.

Professional Career

Mischa Barton scored a significant victory in her battle against revenge porn, as her ex-partner has agreed not to release any sex tape featuring the actress. Adam Spaw, commonly known by his stage name Jon Zacharias, agreed to a five-year restraining order that prohibits him from selling intimate photos or videos featuring Mischa Barton for profit. This agreement was revealed by The Blast on Monday.

He agreed to remain 100 yards away from her home, car, workplace and dogs and refrain from communicating directly or indirectly with them; however, he has refused to acknowledge having tapes of actresses.

Friday during court proceedings, Barton testified that she is terrified by Spaw, who she alleges showed up unexpectedly at her friend’s house where she was staying with Barton and forced them out. Barton is currently seeking a permanent restraining order against Spaw.

Achievement and Honors

Adam began writing and performing music in local clubs before meeting producer Pete Anderson at a show in Little Rock, Arkansas. Pete Anderson was immediately impressed by Adam’s soulful voice and earnest songwriting; impressed enough to sign him to Carnival Music as both writer and artist.

Mischa Barton appeared in Los Angeles courtroom Friday to testify against Adam Spaw in Mischa Barton’s revenge porn case; however, without Adam Spaw in person as his attorney claimed he was at Cincinnati where his mother is having surgery. Spaw/Shaw has consistently denied creating and selling intimate videos or photographs from their relationship, in addition to making claims he sold these to mischievous individuals for profit.

Personal Life

Mischa Barton claimed in court testimony in Los Angeles that her former flame Adam Spaw had been stalking and violating their temporary restraining order terms by filming intimate moments without her knowledge or consent and then trying to sell the footage to pornography companies.

Former OC star Alyson Hannigan claimed her former flame Spaw possessed copies of explicit tapes stored at their shared residence that were “doctored.” As part of a settlement agreement, Spaw agreed not to release any sex tapes of the actress and promised to stay 100 yards away for five years.

Lisa Bloom (who also represented Blac Chyna) confirmed her client is determined to fight revenge porn in court, though their case has been postponed multiple times due to Spaw’s health problems – having already been hospitalized twice this year.

Net Worth

Mischa Barton appeared in court Friday to testify against her former flame Adam Spaw in her “revenge porn” case. According to Barton, Spaw had kicked her and grabbed her arm prior to appearing in court as well as “lurking around a neighborhood she has been staying in”. Mischa claimed Spaw violated their temporary restraining order with regard to Spaw.

In March, it was reported that Mischa was being offered for sale to Hollywood studios for at least $500,000. She filed a temporary restraining order against former boyfriend Jon Zacharias and Adam Spaw to prevent them from selling the footage to outside buyers.

The judge ordered them to stay 100 yards apart and agree not to sell or share intimate photographs or videos of actress, although Spaw has refused to admit having one, according to The Blast.

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