Adam Stanford

Adam Stanford – Licensed Professional Counselor and US Representative

Adam Stanford is a licensed professional counselor specializing in Emotional Disturbance, Addiction and Coping Skills residing in Denver Colorado.

Stanford’s appalling treatment of Michele Kerr continues to draw fire. The Washington Post broke the story on March 4, and many education blogs are picking up on it today.

Early Life and Education

Adam earned his BBA with honors from State University of New York Albany. Additionally, he received certification in risk management from Columbia Business School. Adam has held various roles within New York state government including Chairman and Director for Nassau County Interim Finance Authority.

His research encompasses an array of areas, such as bilingual language acquisition, early childhood education and school readiness for ethnically diverse children in poverty. He has studied private speech development and executive functioning among young children as well as the benefits of early childhood music/dance/movement programs on self-regulation.

Jeff Camarillo is thrilled to bring his extensive knowledge of Stanford Campus and experience transforming educational communities in BIPOC-centered urban neighborhoods to Adams community. He looks forward to working closely with all residents, helping them feel recognized, honored and connected to Stanford.

Professional Career

Adam Schiff has served California’s 30th congressional district since 2001 and currently sits as its representative, serving a 12-term in the House Judiciary Committee.

He is a best-selling author whose books Think Again, Give and Take, Originals, Option B and Power Moves have sold millions of copies and been translated into 35 different languages.

Robert Allen Stanford was a former financier who ran a multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme. After being charged with fraud in 2012 and sentenced to 110 years imprisonment at Coleman II USP in Sumterville, Florida; his fiction has been published by Esquire, GQ Playboy Harpers Magazine as well as winning a Whiting Award and fellowships from both NEA and Guggenheim Foundations.

Achievement and Honors

Adam is one of 62 Truman Scholars selected from across the country to receive this prestigious scholarship, and as part of this program is developing community-driven solutions to promote economic and environmental justice through renewable energy solutions.

He and his team have also taken steps to support women working in STEM. He and his team developed a mobile game which donates money directly to charity when players play the game.

He has earned multiple writing awards, such as the Hoefer Prize for his work in WIM courses as well as Gracie Awards for On-Air Talent and Changemakers Reel Competition awards. Furthermore, he was a field hockey and lacrosse player at Severn School in Maryland – winning national titles in both sports in 2009.

Personal Life

At Stanford, he earned both speech and debate state rankings; additionally he participated in basketball team activities where he earned all-conference selection.

Hazelwood’s book doesn’t give an exact representation of life at Stanford, but does illustrate some common struggles experienced by Stanford students working in research labs. Furthermore, Hazelwood shows how one can pursue both writing and science passions simultaneously.

In 2012, he was sentenced to 110 years for running an $8 billion Ponzi scheme and currently incarcerated at Coleman II USP in Sumterville, Florida awaiting parole eligibility in 2023. While behind bars he has continued his involvement with public service by serving on numerous committees.

Net Worth

Once his initial attempt at gym ownership proved unsuccessful, Stanford built an investment firm and became one of America’s wealthiest men. He amassed an empire extending across Latin America and the Caribbean as well as owning Lord’s Cricket Ground in London – earning himself the moniker “Sir Allen.” Stanford lived an extravagant lifestyle during this time.

He was eventually apprehended, arrested, and given 110 years behind bars at Coleman II US Penitentiary in Sumterville, Florida.

Adam and Eve Schiff are parents to Alexa and Elijah Schiff; together their estimated combined net worth stands at $2 Million. Adam’s annual congressional salary stands at $174,000 while also boasting an extensive investment portfolio and active writing and public speaking career that has seen his political articles featured in several national newspapers and magazines.

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