Adam Staunton

Adam Staunton – Rising Star on the Comedy Circuit

Liverpool-born comedian Adam Staunton has charmed audiences across the UK with his blend of sharp observations and humorous self-deprecation, playing pubs, clubs and music festivals with ease and appearing alongside notable acts like John Bishop and Sarah Millican.

Early Life and Education

Staunton has appeared in many stage productions, such as Mike Leigh’s Vera Drake; Sonya from Uncle Vanya; Kath in Entertaining Mr Sloane and Good People; Mary from Harold Pinter’s The Corn Is Green revival production and several films and television shows such as Antonia and Jane, Peter’s Friends, Much Ado About Nothing, Sense and Sensibility and Shakespeare in Love to name just a few.

Adam Staunton is a Liverpool-based comedian who regularly gigs across the UK. With a confident stage presence that has him sharing bills with John Bishop and Phil Nicol, Adam’s 10-15 minute act can be tailored to any audience or promoter and comes highly recommended from both fellow acts and venues alike.

Professional Career

Adam Staunton is an environmental scientist specializing in energy-saving technologies and renewable energies, having held positions with various companies within the “Smart Grid” and electric mobility sectors as well as Central Europe and former Soviet states.

He eventually transitioned from conservation projects to community engagement through his graduate education in leadership communication, building partnerships with local and regional groups for high-quality water and climate resiliency projects. Now, working in New Zealand he assists communities establish projects to enhance both natural and cultural landscapes through partnerships with Iwi (a Maori tribe), government entities, local community members and members addressing water quality improvements, forest restoration and urban planting initiatives.

Achievement and Honors

Staunton has earned widespread acclaim for her stage performances, such as those seen on Broadway of Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Follies, Into the Woods and Sweeney Todd. In particular, her performances as Mrs Lovett and Mama Rose in their respective London revivals garnered her critical acclaim and earned her the Laurence Olivier Award.

She achieved widespread recognition for her portrayal of Dolores Umbridge in the Harry Potter film series and has an extensive list of stage and television credits to her name.

Adam is known to command any stage, from pubs and clubs to music festivals. With flexible scheduling options allowing him to perform anywhere across the UK, Adam comes highly recommended by promoters and fellow acts alike.

Personal Life

Adam Staunton is an English comedian based in Liverpool who has become a rising star on the comedy circuit, winning over audiences all across the country with his unique brand of wit and observational comedy. Adam’s unique brand of humor has won him great fanfare from audiences nationwide.

He boasts an engaging stage presence and the willingness to perform anywhere, sharing bills with top acts such as John Bishop, Sarah Millican, and Jack Whitehall.

He has made multiple film and television appearances since 2008, most notably as Charles Ryder in Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited (2008) and Ozymandias in Watchmen (2009), both from director Zack Snyder. Additionally, he is an avid sportsman supporting both Monaghan and Clare football teams while being exempted from county levies payments.

Net Worth

Adam Staunton may seem timid and young at first glance, but he exudes an air of experience onstage. His writing skills allow him to stand in for established comedians such as John Bishop, Sarah Millican, and Jack Whitehall when needed.

As well as his work in theatre and on TV, he has appeared in Mike Leigh’s Vera Drake as the title role, Julie Enfield Investigates Series 1 as Courageous Kate, Elephants to Catch Eels Series 2, as Xanthippe in Series 2, Elephants to Catch Eels Series 2, as Xanthippe in Series 2 and various BBC Radio 4 productions such as Into the Woods, Beggar’s Opera Diary of Provincial Lady Diary and Sir Thomas Middleton A Chorus of Disapproval among others.

Celebrity Net Worth estimates his net worth as around $16 Million.

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