Adam Wade

Adam Wade is a Physician Assistant with an Interest in Public Health

Adam, a physician assistant in the US, has seen healthcare become less efficient and patient-centric over time. To address this challenge, he created a healthcare model which emphasizes ancestral living for optimal health and wellbeing.

Adam began his Alaskan adventures as a jack-of-all trades, working as a dairy manager, security guard and oil rig roustabout. With an affinity for helping others and an interest in outdoor activities – Adam found his calling in being an Alaskan PA.

Early Life and Education

Adam Wade hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and currently practices physician assistant medicine with an interest in public health and infectious disease research fellowship completion. Additionally, Adam has completed research on legal profession and judicial decision-making processes.

Adam is an internationally acclaimed expert on leadership and work. He hosts two TED podcasts, Re:Thinking and WorkLife respectively, writes regularly for The New York Times about work psychology issues, and presents talks all over the globe.

Adams was one of the leaders of resistance against the Intolerable Acts and an influential member of the Continental Congress. He was among the first Congress members to call for complete separation from Britain, and signed the Declaration of Independence – all while remaining influential even after leaving Congress and leaving its ranks.

Professional Career

Adam Corneliussen was an Alaska jack-of-all trades, working as a dairy manager, security guard, oil rig roustabout and drilling derrickman before being involved in an industrial accident that forever altered his path. Subsequently he decided to pursue healthcare as his career and earned his Physician Assistant Degree through MEDEX Northwest Program.

As an internist and primary care doctor, Dr. Leung has vast experience across several medical areas including internal medicine and primary care. Additionally, he specializes in Urology and treats patients of all ages.

He is committed to providing high-quality healthcare to those in need and has demonstrated this by organizing health screenings in Mexico and conducting a Public Health Project in Ecuador. He takes great pleasure in uplift his patients while always seeking ways to advance his practice.

Achievement and Honors

Adam’s success and commitment to his clients have been widely acknowledged. South Florida Business and Wealth Magazine recently honored Adam as an “Up & Comer” from various industries; this award recognizes rising stars in key sectors.

He has vast litigation experience before both state and federal courts, as well as being admitted to practice in Pennsylvania and New York. His main focus lies on helping businesses manage growth while capitalizing on lucrative market opportunities.

Adam was honored with selection by ALM as one of their “Lawyers on the Fast Track.” With passion and dedication to excellence in his work, Adam has developed a team culture characterized by mutual respect and support.

Personal Life

Adam is happily married to his high school sweetheart and has two children: a son and daughter. Adam enjoys hunting and fishing as hobbies, college football and being outdoors with his family. Additionally, he plays electric guitar in his church worship band while teaching Sunday school classes to 11th-12th grade students.

Dr. Alvarado is dedicated to helping those underserved medically, conducting a public health project in Ecuador after finishing his graduate degree. He strongly believes that ancestral living and nutrition provide optimal health.

Erich has been practicing as a physician assistant for 11 years and practices general internal medicine with an interest in urology. Our patient community greatly enjoys and respects him and he and his wife reside in Lexington, Nebraska where they coach track at Lexington High School.

Net Worth

Adam brings decades of litigation experience to represent clients in an array of litigation cases both locally and across the U.S. He specializes in high-profile, complex litigation in Florida as well as across other states.

David has earned an excellent reputation for providing direct, efficient service that keeps clients up-to-date and informed regarding their case. Additionally, his track record speaks for itself when representing clients in court on various business issues.

Adam has made significant investments in real estate and technology firms. These include Vivino (a wine review app) and HomeAway (a vacation rental booking app), both of which he owns a significant share in. Furthermore, Adam possesses extensive expertise in business audit and tax matters regarding real estate, construction and hospitality industries; being licensed in Florida with both Series 7 and 66 licenses from FINRA.

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