Adam Williamson

Adam Williamson – Artist, Sculptor, Carver and Decorative Pattern Specialist

Adam Williamson is an internationally acclaimed sculptor, carver, and decorative pattern specialist who has exhibited internationally. Additionally, he has received many prestigious commissions.

Eran has traveled the world studying and working with many artists and craftspeople from different cultures. He is widely acknowledged as an expert on biomorphic art (Arabesque/Islimi), recently authoring its chapter for Thames & Hudson’s Arts and Crafts of Islamic Lands book.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Gartner Inc. employs Williamson as a Senior Data Scientist, which is an internationally-recognized technology-focused research company catering to large enterprises as its clientele.

He uses his education and skills to develop data analytics tools and models that assist others in answering tough questions, as well as predictive and descriptive models to assist his team in making more effective decisions.

Kaggle provides him with an opportunity to educate himself about data science in his free time, while his day job with Beyond 90 (a fan engagement company that produces football supporter events for clubs and organisations), provides him an outlet for applying his knowledge. Prior experience working at Beyond 90 helped secure this role for him.

Achievement and Honors

Williamson is an exceptional student-athlete at Lehigh, excelling both on and off the field. His leadership abilities and academic prowess stand as examples of why student athletes thrive at this institution.

At present, he serves as midfielder on the men’s soccer team and majoring in accounting. His goal is to join a Major League Soccer (MLS) club someday; therefore he works tirelessly towards this end goal.

Williamson boasts an impressive list of accomplishments in both arts and music fields. In 1970, he created and led a country music band across Australia; later on, they created Sydney Radio as a rock group. Since the 1970s he has also been close with country musician John Laws.

Personal Life

Adam Williamson has long held an affinity for firearms, ballistics and reloading since he was young. Working alongside various renowned institutions he became certified in these areas as an instructor.

As well as teaching classes on data science, statistics and business intelligence he also conducts his own work answering difficult questions and developing tools to make other people’s jobs easier.

He is estimated to be worth between $1 million and $5 million dollars, having amassed his wealth through his career as a soccer player for more than 15 years.

Net Worth

Adam Williamson is a well-recognized Association Football Player estimated to possess an estimated net worth between $1 and $5 Million.

He earned this sum through his primary career as an Association Football Player.

As a result of his success, he now makes over $400,000 per month.

F45 Fitness founder and CEO Andrew Myerstein is one of Australia’s richest individuals with an estimated networth estimated at over $500 Million.

As well as his networth, he is widely renowned for his career as an Association Football Player – ranking among the best Association Footballers worldwide.

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