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Maia Mitchell – Callie Adams Foster

Maia Mitchell played Callie Adams Foster on Freeform drama series The Fosters and its spinoff Good Trouble, before her departure in Wednesday’s episode in order to return home to Australia.

As well as her actress departure, former boyfriend Jamie (Beau Mirchoff) will also leave. During their goodbye scene together they exchanged romantic proposals which may ultimately prove their undoing.

Early Life and Education

Callie was raised in Colorado with her mother and brother Jude. Unfortunately, upon the latter’s passing she became part of the foster care system and then later the adult foster care system.

She developed an appreciation of nature early in life and soon after decided to become a weather reporter. She studied journalism at University of Colorado Boulder before moving on to Mississippi State University where she majored in meteorology.

Her career began at KBCI in Boise, Idaho before moving to Florida where she worked at WWSB.

Once she realized her passion lay elsewhere, she left to pursue television and film as a career path. As a producer for various projects such as Travel Channel, Discovery, and Weather Channel projects. Currently residing in Golden with her husband and son; camping and skiing are among her other passions.

Professional Career

Maia Mitchell played Callie Adams Foster as an integral character on Freeform’s The Fosters and spinoff Good Trouble, but her character recently left as a series regular at the beginning of Season Four – yet the Coterie continues its storylines in many exciting ways!

This season is packed with plenty of drama, as Mariana tries to reconnect with her mother; Davia falls for Dennis; Malika seeks her path as a political activist; Gael and Alice will face major conflicts as well.

The series also boasts a strong cast of supporting characters, such as Stef (Teri Polo) and Lena (Sherri Saum), their respective mothers; Robert Quinn – Callie’s biological father; and Jude, Callie’s adoptive brother who will all make appearances in future episodes.

Achievement and Honors

Callie Adams Foster (formerly Callie Jacob) is the daughter of Stef and Lena, adoptive sister to Brandon, Mariana and Jesus as well as maternal half-sibling to Jude. At sixteen, Callie experienced severe emotional turmoil due to the death of her mother when she was only ten.

Though she may face her own difficulties, she remains an intelligent student. Additionally, she’s passionate about studying and participates in extracurricular activities. Rita Hendricks of Girls United serves as her close ally and leader.

Personal Life

Callie is an intelligent and passionate young woman, dedicated to her family and especially Jude (her six-year-old brother). She puts his safety ahead of hers by placing Jude at risk.

She and Jude entered foster care when their father was charged with manslaughter after an auto accident, an experience which proved challenging for both of them.

Callie was forced to mature quickly and care for her younger brother throughout their lives together.

She also briefly dated Jamie Hunter; they eventually parted ways but remain friendly.

Net Worth

Maia Mitchell is an Australian actress best known for her portrayal of Callie Adams Foster on Good Trouble. Additionally, Mitchell has appeared in Mortified and Trapped.

She has amassed her fortune through film and television appearances, brand endorsements, and other sources of income – with an estimated net worth estimated at $3 Million.

In 2019, she appeared as Callie Adams Foster on Freeform’s The Fosters alongside Cierra Ramirez as Callie’s half-sibling Mariana Adams Foster. Additionally, she premiered Good Trouble as a spin-off to continue the storylines from The Fosters.

28-year-old actress has had an international career as both an actor and singer/songwriter. Her travels have taken her all over the globe to meet fans from all corners of the earth.

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