Adams Report

The Adams Report

Adams has come under scrutiny for appointing friends, relatives, and political allies to key positions within his administration. Recently, they reduced education spending causing outrage from parents across the city.

Adam collected educational data in five districts–Murshidabad, Birbhum, Burdwan, South Bihar, and Tirhut–and presents them in this third report with recommendations for reform.

Early Life and Education

Adams was the grandchild and great-grandson of two American presidents and, thus, enjoyed immense privilege during his upbringing in Boston Brahmian society. Although he engaged in no college pranks or imagined marriage until persuaded by his mother that his financial resources could support one, Adams never participated in college pranks and never considered marriage until she convinced him otherwise.

He became a minister plenipotentiary to Russia before serving as ambassador in Europe, providing President James Madison with important insights into Napoleon’s rise. His dispatches back home provided President Madison with essential intelligence on this topic.

He was appointed by the Bengal and Bihar governments to conduct an in-depth education system study, producing three reports that are widely considered the most reliable among existing records. No Bengal village, according to him, was without a school, though some historians may disagree with his methodology and definition of schools.

Professional Career

Adams has written numerous academic papers and books, hosted several television and radio interviews and taught at the University of Rochester as the Helen F. and Fred H. Gowen Professor of Physics and Astronomy. His research interests focus on star formation and evolution while developing tools for simulating the universe.

Adams has come under intense criticism since taking office for his appointments of family, friends and political allies to top positions in government. Additionally, there was controversy regarding an education budget cut which negatively impacted schools throughout the city.

In 1914 he promoted the purchase of Barnett House in Oxford as “a centre for social economic studies and interests with an outstanding library,” as well as helping rationalise Oxford’s research facilities for political economy studies.

Achievement and Honors

Adams was an expert at propagandism, penning numerous letters and essays with different signatures criticizing British officials and policies while exerting considerable influence over local affairs and Massachusetts legislature. Additionally, he played an instrumental role in organizing both resistance to Intolerable Acts as well as the Boston Tea Party.

Alicia Glen, senior deputy mayor for housing and economic development under Mayor de Blasio, noted that his administration’s efforts at developing affordable housing include working with community groups such as Innovation Queens in Astoria. However, many factors affect construction such as interest rates and inflation that impact construction costs.

Lauren Adams ’23 is an undergraduate psychology major and health studies minor who has made great contributions in her various roles at Oberlin: student ambassador, Center for Social Impact intern, Division I volleyball player and Jones-Zimmermann afterschool tutor. Additionally, in March she was honored with a Holling Family Teaching Excellence Award.

Personal Life

Adams had a natural shyness and intense genius that made school difficult for him; likely dyslexic.

He was an accomplished writer who kept an extensive diary. Additionally, his correspondence, both personal and professional, is an invaluable source of historical insight into the times in which he lived.

Adams worked tirelessly to preserve wilderness areas, helping protect many of America’s great wild places including national parks. Adams also understood the transformative power of education, regularly speaking at schools to motivate youth. Additionally, he served on the Bowie State University Foundation and actively sought mentors while being an avid reader and writer himself.

Net Worth

Stephen Adams, currently 80 and with several sons, amassed his fortune through outdoor advertising companies, community banks and RV dealer networks like Camping World/Good Sam – not to mention small town franchises such as grocery stores, coffee shops and ice cream parlors – over his long life.

His latest venture – purchasing 20 dailies and weeklies in the outskirts of the country – provides evidence that he believes local brands with exclusive content have strong, viable futures. Furthermore, his investment strategy proves it; he’s buying papers at low valuation multiples, betting that this business fits seamlessly with his family’s long history of success – an opinion shared by Warren Buffett five years earlier.

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