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Adams Valves – Severe Service Valve Solutions For Power, Refinery, Chemical & Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper and Liquefied Natural Gas

Adams Valves pride themselves on offering premium German quality to cover an extensive array of rotary, isolation, and control valve applications from simple to the most complex. CGIS is proud to represent Adams’ Severe Service valves (SSV), such as triple eccentric block & control, tilting disc swing check valves with stop check capability as well as combined function stop check valves.

Early Life and Education

Adams Valves prides themselves in offering superior German quality engineering solutions including triple eccentric block & control valves, tilting disc and swing check, combined function stop check, as well as combined function stop check valves. Adams serves a diverse set of industries including Power Generation, Refineries, Chemical/Petrochemical Processing Plants/Plants, Pulp/Paper Industries as well as Liquefied Natural Gas production.

Dr. Adams is one of the world’s premier mitral valve repair surgeons and pioneered several cutting-edge techniques at Mount Sinai Hospital’s mitral valve repair program. Additionally, he served as co-principal investigator on multiple FDA pivotal clinical trials focused on mitral valve repair surgery.

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Professional Career

He co-invented mitral valve annuloplasty rings and served as national co-principal investigator in one of the FDA pivotal trials that marked the beginning of transcatheter mitral valve replacement. He founded the Mitral Foundation, a not-for-profit organization which promotes best practice standards in mitral valve repair while funding medical missions to train surgeons with state-of-the-art techniques.

Adams Valves of Herne, Germany have long been at the forefront of advanced valve technology since they invented their triple eccentric (or triple offset) butterfly valve in 1960. Adams now offers an extensive line of severe service butterfly, tilting disc and check valves with engineering solutions specifically tailored to Power, Refinery, Chemical & Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper Pulp& Paper Liquefied Natural Gas markets.

Adams is best known as co-authoring Carpentier’s Reconstructive Valve Surgery, the world’s best-selling valve textbook in history, as well as co-editing Cardiac Surgery in the Adult. Additionally, he frequently attends international conferences and symposiums and presents at these.

Achievement and Honors

Adams is an acclaimed speaker who has given presentations about mitral valve repair techniques to surgeons worldwide. He is the author of multiple highly acclaimed books and over 200 publications; serving as co-principal investigator in multiple FDA pivotal trials as a national co-principal investigator; creating multiple mitral and tricuspid annuloplasty rings as well as holding three patents.

ADAMS Armaturen GmbH of Herne, Germany has long been at the forefront of advanced valve technology since their invention of their triple eccentric (or triple offset) butterfly valve in 1960. Their metal laminated seat design ensures tight seal and prevents leakage under torque; CGIS distributes these German-quality severe service valves for use in Power, Refinery, Chemical & Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper and LNG applications.

Personal Life

Adams is married to Jennifer and has two daughters. He loves hiking and playing ice hockey with his family. Last year while hiking a trail he saw someone collapse, and provided CPR until first responders arrived; later performing heart surgery himself on that person days later.

Doctors have struggled for decades to repair floppy tricuspid valves without placing patients at risk. A traditional surgical approach would have required using a heart-and-lung machine, along with anticlotting medications prescribed long term to the individual.

ISIS Oil & Gas Ltd’s division ISIS Fluid Control Ltd recently supplied 120 Adams Triple Eccentric/Triple Offset Butterfly Valves designed and produced in Germany to their customer, with both manual and actuated options. Boasting superior German quality construction, these butterfly valves can handle hazardous, toxic or corrosive chemicals while featuring an advanced metal laminated seat to minimize emissions.

Net Worth

CGIS is proud to be Canada’s exclusive distributor for Adams Valves’ high quality rotary, isolation, and check valves, designed for applications including Power Generation, Refineries, Chemical Processing & Petrochemical Industries as well as Pulp & Paper Industries. Their unique metal laminated seat and inclined conical metallic seal system help reduce emissions dramatically while the Adams metal laminated seat design reduces emissions dramatically.

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State health department officials reported on an inadvertent surgical error wherein a physician implanted an upside-down mechanical heart valve in a patient’s chest, according to state health department officials. Due to this complication, blood could not flow freely through the valve and within one day after this misstep occurred, the patient succumbed to their condition and passed away.

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