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Adam Lz – The Man Behind Adam’s Wheels

Adam’s Wheel Cleaner was specifically created to make cleaning stubborn tires and caked-on wheel contamination easy with just one chemical solution. Its thick gel-like viscosity adheres to wheel surfaces while its color changing formula tells you when its working.

Kick start your cleaning efforts by using a strong stream from the hose to rinse your wheels and tires thoroughly, then liberally apply cleaner using either a Wheel Woolie or Turbo Stick (both sold separately).

Early Life and Education

Adams was a misfit in school due to his natural shyness combined with intense genius, so music became his primary pursuit – not only helping him master piano playing but also contributing to both photography and artistic vision.

Heelys have quickly become popular with children and teenagers since their introduction in 2006. Unfortunately, however, they have also drawn the ire of critics who claim they may cause injuries such as broken bones. World Against Toys Causing Harm placed Heelys on its “10 Worst Toys” list that same year while Massachusetts consumer protection agencies issued warnings regarding their potential hazards.

Siebel-Siero and Daigle had no prior business building experience, yet were determined to bring IntelliWheels into reality. Their prototype won second place at a local competition that offered industry connections as well as seed money.

Professional Career

Adams quickly advanced through New York Red Bulls Academy to join their senior squad. Since then, he has played five out of six matches this season for New York Red Bulls FC!

Adams is driven and self-motivated like his single-mother who raised him alone; as evidenced each time he takes to the road for training with New York Red Bulls II from Wappingers Falls to Whippany he drives an hour and twenty minutes each way from Wappingers Falls.

He earned the respect of both teammates and coaches alike through his hardworking attitude on and off the pitch, becoming an ambassador for youth development pathways within his club, with his picture hanging proudly at its Academy building as proof of his consistent effort both on and off the pitch. His perseverance on both fronts demonstrates why so many have adopted his methods both on and off the field.

Achievement and Honors

Adams has dedicated much of his career to supporting homeless individuals and veterans, breast cancer awareness campaigns and the preservation of Houston. Locally he has been active with organizations such as YMCA of Houston YWCA of Houston Keep Houston Beautiful to name just a few.

He is well known for incorporating cars and wheels as subjects in his artwork as well as found objects into it. One of his most well-known works was “Art on Wheels”, a six-month public arts exhibit created in Buffalo in 2008.

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Personal Life

Adams works in many other areas besides drum design, such as graphic design. His art encompasses mixed media collage, typography logo design fashion apparel murals. Adams’ latest series “Trusted Brands” reimagines popular corporate logos from KFC to Hot Wheels using vivid hues in brightly hued collage form.

Outside the field, Adams drives a 2013 Accord that belonged to his mother; this car serves as his daily commute between home and New York Red Bulls training facility in Whippany, New Jersey. Adams was raised solely by his mother; their strong work ethic forged during this journey helped define Adams’ dedication towards soccer.

Net Worth

Adam Lz’s YouTube channel boasts over 3.5 million subscribers and is among the most successful and profitable on this platform. His revenue streams come from advertising revenue, hosting car drift competitions and as brand ambassador for companies and products. Adam also holds real estate investment properties as well as serving as part-time radio host.

His videos demonstrate automotive modification and restoration techniques. His impressive car collection provides ample inspiration, and working on them in his garage gives him great satisfaction. By keeping his channel free from commercialization, he has managed to achieve impressive channel metrics.

He and Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland have been dating and frequently post photos of each other on social media. Plans are underway for them to get married by 2020 or earlier, according to reports.

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