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Adrian Henry Net Worth

He has eclipsed 1,000 yards in three of the past four seasons, becoming one of the rare running backs to remain productive into their 30’s.

He and his wife Karen, along with their two children Abrielle and Adreain Jr., recently relocated to Des Moines where he will become the fourth president of Mercy College of Health Sciences.

Early Life and Education

Henry was raised on a farm southeast of Adrian. After attending college at the University of Minnesota and Webster University in Missouri respectively, he went on to earn both master of business administration degrees as well as his doctorate in higher education management from Virginia.

He was known for being a diverse and open-minded individual, who could effortlessly name influences as different as James Ensor, Jasper Johns and Nicholas de Stael in one breath. Furthermore, he was an engaged communicator: acting as writer-in-residence at schools and colleges of further education; lecturing at polytechnics nationwide; and leading his poetry band called Liverpool Scene.

He currently serves as President of Mercy College of Health Sciences in Des Moines, Iowa and previously held positions as Chief Academic Officer and Associate Provost at Hallmark University in San Antonio, Texas.

Professional Career

He is currently the starting running back for the Titans and has amassed 1,059.8 yards rushing over three seasons with 13 touchdowns scored, not to mention numerous notable plays during that time.

Henry made history during Wild Card Weekend against New England (1/4/20), when he ran for 182 rushing yards and scored one touchdown – setting a franchise record in doing so! Only Shaun Alexander of Seattle Seahawks managed this feat twice (in 2004 and 2005).

Henry was given the nickname of “Smokey” due to his likeness with former baseball great Smoky Joe Wood. Henry supports Two All Foundation, an initiative dedicated to levelling out playing fields for youth today.

Achievement and Honors

As the President and Chief Operating Officer for Webster University’s Institute for Leadership Development and Higher Education Management (ILEM), he earned both a master’s degree and doctorate in higher education management from University of Pennsylvania. A Fellow of American Academy of Optometry with teaching experience at both collegiate and post-college levels. Furthermore, he served in U.S. Army and gained invaluable leadership experiences.

Henry was born in Yulee, Florida and raised in Saint Robert, Missouri with his mother giving him the nickname of Shocka due to his arrival being so unexpected. Now married with two children Abrielle and Adreain Jr, Henry remains active as an educator and has two of his own.

Henry was honored as the NFL’s FedEx Ground Player of the Year after amassing 1,540 yards rushing. This accomplishment makes Henry only the second running back since LaDainian Tomlinson to lead both rushing attempts and yards each season.

Personal Life

Henry I found England in disarray, its royal authority weakened by civil war and feudal magnates. To restore stability he assembled a council of barons, an inner group of ministers serving as judges and accountants (known collectively as Exchequer system for collecting taxes from shires), as well as his inner group of barons as a means for gathering taxes from England. According to Maitland this careful adaptation of means towards one goal was Henry’s crowning achievement during his rule.

At Adreain Jr’s death, his beloved family includes Marilyn and their two sons Adrian and Adreain Jr. They would like to thank all those who have shown them support during this difficult time, and look forward to meeting everyone at Mercy College of Health Sciences located at 701 Crocker Street on July 13 for an Out to Lunch event.

Net worth

He has secured sponsorship deals with various companies and appears on the reality show “Black Ink Crew”, earning significant income and adding significantly to his net worth.

He strongly believes that success should come with the responsibility to give back to society, making significant donations or helping raise funds for numerous charitable organizations.

He brings with him vast expertise in multi-line commercial insurance and brings to Mercy College of Health Sciences an in-depth knowledge base and passion for healthcare industry. Additionally, he is well known as an industry partner as well as being a respected speaker on healthcare risk management topics.

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