Albert Ribisi

Albert Ribisi – Actor – Antonino Ribisi

Ribisi’s album marked a dramatic transformation of her musical style, incorporating elements of rock and grunge. Collaborations with well-known percussionists and traditional musicians added depth and texture to each track on the record.

Giovanni Ribisi stars alongside Miles Teller, Matthew Goode and Juno Temple in this Paramount+ miniseries about Oscar-winning producer Albert S. Ruddy’s experiences adapting Mario Puzo’s The Godfather for film adaptation.

Early Life and Education

Giovanni Ribisi was born in Los Angeles on 17th December 1974 to Albert Ribisi and Gay Ribisi (nee Landrum), both involved in the entertainment industry; with Gay acting as talent manager for actors. Giovanni later attended Beverly Hills Playhouse acting school to develop his craft.

Begun his acting career in the 1990s through various television roles, his breakthrough came in 1998 with Steven Spielberg’s movie ‘Saving Private Ryan”.

Ribisi went on to portray challenging roles such as a stockbroker in Boiler Room, a car thief in The Taking of Pelham 123/9 and an isolated resident during Civil War times in Cold Mountain. Additionally, he took several supporting roles such as Ted and Contraband.

Professional Career

Giovanni Ribisi has an innate gift for acting, which led him to roles on film and television such as Highway to Heaven, My Two Dads and The X-Files.

He has voiced over for numerous video games. In 1997 he married Mariah O’Brien but their relationship ended in 2012. They have one daughter called Lucia together. As a Christian he takes an anti-abortion stance; has spoken against big banks and pharmaceutical companies in the past.

He owns and runs a company called Stereo D, which specializes in converting 2D films into stereoscopic 3D. He has worked on movies including Avatar. Additionally, he designed his own glasses which he sells online.

Achievement and Honors

Ribisi’s acting career has garnered numerous honors and nominations, such as winning an Online Film Critics Society Award for Best Cast. Additionally, he earned two Golden Arena Awards. Furthermore, he’s played major roles in some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters like Saving Private Ryan and Avatar.

Ribisi has ventured beyond acting, producing, and directing several films as well. He has made appearances on several television series such as The New Leave It to Beaver, My Two Dads, and Friends. Lucia Ribisi, born December 1997 after Donizetti’s opera of that name was named after him and raised alongside his active membership of Scientology Church and various charity events he participated in.

Personal Life

Giovanni Ribisi was born in Los Angeles on 17th December 1974 and studied acting at Beverly Hills Playhouse Acting School. Married and with two children of his own, Giovanni is also an acclaimed singer-songwriter – twin sister Marissa is his sister while voice actress Gina Ribisi is his brother.

His acting career started early; making his first television appearance at 10 years old. Since then, he has made appearances in shows like Highway to Heaven, The New Leave It to Beaver and Married… With Children. Later, his breakthrough role as airplane mechanic in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow provided success both on television and film sets.

Net Worth

Antonino Giovanni Ribisi is an American actor known for his performances across television and film. His acting abilities and dedication have earned him international acclaim and praise.

He has appeared in multiple popular television series and films, such as Highway to Heaven, The Wonder Years and Married… With Children. Additionally he played the lead in 1996 movie That Thing You Do! and music videos by Keane and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

He has had multiple relationships, and is the father of Lucia. From 1997 until 2012 he was married to Mariah O’Brien, while also being in relationships with Chan Marshall (Cat Power) and English model Agyness Deyn.

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