Allene Ashby

Allene Ashby Getty Papers

Records for J. Paul Getty include personal correspondence and telegrams, clippings, book pages and photographs from 1926-1992 pertaining to Allene Ashby Getty and Belene, two sisters to Allene Ashby. Getty’s letters often pertain to Belene as they discuss his travels and her health as well as sending monetary gifts or simply providing general greetings.

Early Life and Education

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Records related to J. Paul Getty and Allene Ashby date between 1926-1992 and undated. Most photographs depict family gatherings or holidays while society announcements, other family member details, genealogical data and a guest book/address book feature prominently among them.

Professional Career

Allene Marie Henderson received her degree with distinction from Eastern Mennonite University on May 5, 2019, earning both her BS in Biology and minoring in Chemistry, while being honored on the Dean’s List for Fall 2017 semester.

Ashby began his professional baseball career with the Cleveland Indians in 1973, making his debut in Exhibition Stadium during a snowstorm-affected game.

After spending several seasons as Houston Astros bullpen coach, Ashby was recruited as both color commentator and secondary play-by-play man by Milo Hamilton’s organization in 1998; during which season Ashby considers one of his finest years ever as part of team history.

Personal Life

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Records include personal correspondence and telegrams between J. Paul Getty and Allene Ashby as well as her sister Belene; letters written from Getty to them often discussed his travels or homesickness for Los Angeles; other items include society announcements, photographs of Belene and genealogical information for her family – photos depicting family gatherings or holidays may have also been included in Christine Banks’ book entitled, The Private Life of J. Paul Getty; however some remain undated and undated.

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