Alyssa And Nick Cannon

Alyssa Scott and Nick Cannon Are Expecting Their 11th Child

Among the dozens of celebrities who have lost a child, Alyssa and Nick Cannon have been the most public about their tragic loss. The couple had a baby in the early 1990s, but the child died shortly after birth. As a result, the couple decided to take a break from their modeling career and focus on their relationships. Since then, they have been very open about the tragedy, and have talked openly about their friendship and love for each other.

Modeling career

Having met on the set of his MTV show, Wild ‘N Out, Alyssa Scott and Nick Cannon are now dating. After announcing her pregnancy, Alyssa Scott posted photos of her growing baby bump. They revealed that Cannon was the father of their baby.

Alyssa Scott is currently 34 weeks pregnant. Alyssa shared pictures of her growing baby bump on her Instagram account in May. The pictures stirred up some confusion among her followers. She captioned one photo with “MIRACLE & a BLESSING”.

She was seen wearing minimal clothing in the photos. She had her hair tied up in a towel. She posed without hesitation. Alyssa also has tattoos on both wrists.

Alyssa Scott has a mixed ethnic background. She is a daughter of Alan Scott, a business man. She also has an older brother named Alexander.

Alyssa Scott has appeared in a number of famous brands. She has worked with several swimsuit brands and beauty products brands. She is an influencer and has 164K followers on Instagram. She has also worked with fashion brands Ignite and FashionNova.

Parenting relationship

Throughout their years of co-parenting, Alyssa Scott and Nick Cannon have faced ups and downs in their relationship. They both have children from previous relationships.

Despite the fact that they have both lost a child to brain cancer, Nick Cannon and Alyssa Scott have had a cordial co-parenting relationship. They have both remained close, sharing photos and attending events together.

Alyssa Scott and Nick Cannon met on the show Wild ‘n Out. They have since become public figures, with their relationship gaining a lot of attention. When they first announced their relationship, they both were co-parenting with other women. They were also spotted together at a restaurant called Nobu in Malibu in June.

Alyssa Scott and her husband Nick Cannon welcomed their first child together in June of 2021. The couple has since welcomed three more children together. Alyssa has one daughter from a previous relationship, and Nick has five children with four different women.

Baby’s death

Almost one year after Zen Cannon died, Alyssa and Nick Canon’s baby’s death, the couple is expecting another child. They announced the news on Instagram. Alyssa posted a photo of her growing baby bump, which was accompanied by a heart-wrenching message.

Nick Cannon confirmed his son’s death on the eponymous talk show in December 2021. Cannon and Scott also announced a foundation in honor of their son.

Zen Cannon was diagnosed with brain cancer three months prior to his death. His condition took a turn for the worse on Thanksgiving. Zen was found to have fluid in his head, which was later determined to be a tumour. He died from the disease at five months of age.

Alyssa and Nick welcomed Zen to the world in late June 2021. When Zen was two months old, he developed breathing problems. At that time, doctors performed brain surgery to drain the fluid and discovered a malignant tumor. Zen’s condition took a turn for the worse, and his parents announced he had passed away.

Celebrity friends

Earlier this month, Alyssa Scott announced that she’s pregnant with the first child of her and Nick Cannon’s 11th child. This comes less than a year after the death of the celebrity couple’s first child, Zen, who died at five months old.

Nick Cannon and Alyssa Scott have been married for six years. They announced an amicable split in August 2014. In May, Scott shared news that she was pregnant with Cannon’s next child. She posted a picture of herself with the baby bump. She later confirmed the paternity of her baby.

On Father’s Day, Scott shared a photo of herself with Cannon holding her baby bump. She captioned the photo with “this is a miracle”. In another photo, she placed her hands around Cannon’s neck. The pair also shared a photo of a painting made by a friend. The caption read, “With you by my side.”

Nick and Alyssa have previously had ups and downs when it comes to co-parenting their newborn son. Their first child together, Zen, died of brain cancer at just five months old. After announcing Zen’s death, Cannon praised Alyssa.

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