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Hamilton and Amabel James Center for Artificial Intelligence and Human Health at Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai Hospital will host the Hamilton and Amabel James Center for Artificial Intelligence and Human Health, designed by HOK to combine AI with science, genomics and health genomics in order to advance healthcare. This project includes a 12 story research facility with dry labs as well as an entryway front porch entryway.

Peter E Gordon is an award-winning Harvard professor of modern European history and holds the Amabel B James Professorship in History, serving as faculty affiliates in Germanic Languages and Literatures as well as Philosophy departments. Additionally, he has published multiple works related to modern critical theory.

Early Life and Education

Hamilton Renson James and Waleska James raised three sons together. William attended Choate Rosemary Hall, Harvard College and graduated as a John Harvard Scholar with honors in 1973 before receiving his MBA at Harvard Business School with Baker Scholar status. As an accomplished trustee at the Metropolitan Museum of Art as chairman of its finance committee as well as serving on other boards such as Center for American Progress board of directors and President’s Intelligence Advisory Board; additionally his family charitable foundation provides environmental grantmaking that prioritizes land and fisheries conservation; William lives happily ever after with Amabel George Boyce who have three children between them!

This article from The Times’ print archive predates online publication in 1996 and can be seen here as an image file.

Professional Career

James spent 25 years at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette before founding DLJ Merchant Banking Inc in 1982. Even after its acquisition by Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB), James continued serving on its board of directors.

James joined Blackstone in 2002 and quickly advanced through its ranks, eventually becoming president and COO. He assisted in its initial public offering process as well as leading GSO’s credit business launch, while leading creation of its secondaries division.

James currently sits on the boards of various cultural and environmental organizations, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Second Stage Theatre, Trout Unlimited, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Montana Land Reliance. In addition, he is an influential Democratic donor who hosted fundraisers for President Obama during his administration and joined Port Authority of New York and New Jersey since 2015. Lastly, in 2016, James co-authored a book on retirement crisis solutions entitled Retirement Crisis Solutions: Strategies for Solvency

Personal Life

Mount Sinai recently unveiled the Hamilton and Amabel James Center for Artificial Intelligence and Human Health to facilitate medical advancement through artificial intelligence technologies. Support for this initiative came from Hamilton Evans “Tony” James, executive vice chairman of Manhattan-based investment firm Blackstone, and his wife Amabel James.

James graduated Harvard College with highest distinction and became a John Harvard Scholar in 1973, and has been actively engaged in philanthropy through the family foundation he established. Its environmental grantmaking includes supporting Trout Unlimited, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and Wildlife Conservation Society among others.

City records show that they and Amabel purchased a duplex at 834 Fifth Avenue from theater director Hal Prince for $24.9 million in 2021.

Net Worth

James has built up a stellar reputation for keeping his personal life and family out of the public eye, while playing an instrumental role in Blackstone Group’s expansion from traditional private equity investments into real estate and credit investments.

He currently sits on the board of directors at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is chairman of Mount Sinai Health System’s finance committee and has served as chairman at Costco Wholesale Corp since August 2017. In addition to these positions, Mr. Kling serves on numerous other organizations and committees and has donated generously to several organizations, including Center for American Progress as well as hosting fundraisers for President Obama.

He earned an MBA from Harvard Business School as a Baker Scholar in 1975, married Amabel George Boyce and had three children together. In 2008 he established the James Center with its inaugural E.E. Scholarship allowing Wellesley faculty members to collaborate on space science-related research with students conducting space exploration research at Wellesley.

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