Amber Amps It Up

LampizatOr Amber 4 DAC/Preamplifier Review

The LampizatOr Amber 4 DAC/Preamplifier is a newcomer to the company’s stable of audiophile friendly products. It’s not a replacement for the Amber 3 iteration, but it does sport a slew of upgrades. This includes a redesigned power supply and a new tube complement in the single-ended triode mode. As for the design, the company has managed to keep the same quality standards as its predecessor, while simultaneously improving on them. One of the more interesting features is a cleverly designed adhesive that allows for easy mounting or removal.

What’s not to like about the Amber 4? Its price tag might be prohibitive, but the quality and attention to detail are second to none. Like its predecessor, the Amber 4 sports a single XLR output, but it can also be run in single-ended mode, for those who like to dabble in the realm of subwoofers. You can even switch off the power if you’re not in the mood for some serious high-end hi-fi action. In addition to a redesigned power supply, the Amber 4 boasts a re-configured ECC99 super tube as its output buffer, the latest iteration of which is a major upgrade over its predecessor. Aside from a plethora of new features, the Amber 4 is the product of a highly-tuned production process that delivers the aforementioned requisites in a streamlined and uncluttered manner.

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