Angie Dickinson Net Worth

Angie Dickinson is an esteemed American actress known for her outstanding film and television career. Her extraordinary performances in films like Gun the Man Down, Rio Bravo and Police Woman have garnered her both critical acclaim and financial gain.

Her acting prowess has earned her several high-profile endorsement deals; as of 2023, her net worth now stands at $25 Million.

Early Life and Education

Once winning second place in a beauty pageant, Angie Dickinson made her way to Hollywood where she established herself as an actress. Over six decades she made some of the best-known movies in her genre such as Gun the Man Down, Policewoman and Rio Bravo among many others.

Dickinson was born September 30 in Kulm, North Dakota. At 10, she moved to Burbank California where she attended Bellarmine-Jefferson High School where she won her sixth annual Bill of Rights essay contest at 15 and studied at Immaculate Heart College (LA) and Glendale Community College.

Her filmography is impressive, and she has earned numerous accolades during her career, such as Golden Globe nominations and a Saturn Award for Dressed to Kill.

Professional Career

Angie Dickinson has earned both critical acclaim and financial success through her illustrious acting career. From film and TV work that spans multiple decades to investments and endorsements that increase her wealth, Angie Dickinson has enjoyed immense success both professionally and financially. Notable movies she has appeared in include Ocean’s 11, Police Woman, Dressed to Kill and more that have had an impactful influence on popular culture. She has made wise investments that continue to secure her financial security.

Dickinson has gained notoriety for maintaining her privacy despite her celebrity status, while still captivating audiences with her dynamic performances.

She began her career by appearing in television roles before making her big screen debut in Howard Hawks’ western classic Rio Bravo, helping establish herself as an emerging sex symbol. Brian De Palma’s crime thriller Dressed to Kill was another highlight and earned her a Saturn Award nomination.

Achievement and Honors

Angie Dickinson is an icon in Hollywood and one of the most accomplished female actors to ever grace the silver screen. With an illustrious career spanning film and television production, Angie Dickinson remains a timeless figure that serves as a source of motivation to many aspiring actresses today.

Notable television movies and miniseries in which she has appeared include Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, Pay It Forward and Big Bad Love. In recognition of her distinguished career she has received multiple awards and nominations over time – most notably for her work in Police Woman (1975).

Angeline Brown, better known by fans and friends as Angie Dickinson, was born September 30th 1931 in Kulm North Dakota to Fredericka and Leo Henry Brown and has German and Norwegian heritage.

Personal Life

Dickinson has made headlines for her remarkable ability to lead both an intimate and public life at once, all the while remaining well-known and financially successful. Through selective disclosure and limited public appearances, she has created an air of mystery which draws fans.

She began acting on television with anthology shows during the 1950s. Roles such as Rio Bravo and Ocean’s Eleven made her one of Hollywood’s renowned actresses, while her starring role on Police Woman cemented this status further.

Dickinson currently resides in Beverly Hills, California and her legacy as an actress will undoubtedly serve as an inspiration to future actors. Dickinson’s life stands as proof that dedication and hard work pay off.

Net Worth

Angie Dickinson has amassed an estimated $25 Million fortune during her remarkable 60-year career as an actress, director, producer and TV host in film and television appearances that span both film and television production. Through riveting performances in popular movies like Rio Bravo, Dressed to Kill and Police Woman she has made herself a household name within entertainment circles.

Dickinson has made significant contributions in supporting roles throughout her career, appearing in films like Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, Sabrina: Pay It Forward and Big Bad Love – for which she earned herself a Saturn Award nomination. Her performance as Katey in Brian De Palma’s 1980 erotic crime thriller Dressed to Kill earned her another Saturn nomination.

Angie Dickinson has been married twice. First to football player Gene Dickinson in 1952 before divorcing and marrying Burk Bacharach later. Together they share daughter Lea Nikki.

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