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Anita Bitton, founder and head of NYC-based casting and production agency The Establishment, is well known for her impeccable taste in casting print projects for photographers such as Irving Penn, Tim Walker and Steven Klein as well as Love Magazine issues.

She describes leadership roles as being threefold: the thinker creates visions and ideas, the promoter champions it, and then coordinator staff who pull everything together.” We spoke with her about how she’s come so far in her career journey.

Early Life and Education

Anita is an energetic young woman with a deep appreciation of photography and art. Since modeling at 15, her talents have led to acting opportunities with Larry Moss and Iris Quinn among others.

She shares an affection for Henrique and is attracted to him, yet their interfering in each other’s lives prevents any romantic interest between them. Additionally, they often clash over different priorities and each other’s interests.

Anita becomes annoyed that Henrique and she have not been able to express their affection, so she uses what she learned about future events to make him jealous by flirting with Leo and Ce.

Professional Career

Anita Bitton, founder and creative director of New York-based agency The Establishment, has an uncanny ability to match fashion’s elite with models who go beyond being mere models. She has cast print projects by iconic photographers Irving Penn and Steven Klein while being responsible for every issue and Advent calendar of LOVE Magazine.

Roger and Anita should play Roger, Anita, Perdita and Pongo lovingly as two strong actors who can sing with grace and move with poise, making for an effective contrast with their energetic puppies. Cruella should be dramatic yet commanding with dramatic flair that sets her apart from her young puppies; additionally speaking with an English Cockney accent would further distinguish her. Ideally this character should be over 40. For more details click here.

Achievement and Honors

Anita, famed for her keen ability to connect fashion’s elite with models who can do more than stand still, has achieved immense success. Recently she was honored with Ezoic Publisher Awards’ Lifetime Achievement award at their 2022 Publisher Awards ceremony.

Anita made her New York debut in Haleh Roshan’s play Titled After the Collective Noun for Female-Identifying Twenty-Somethings Living in NYC during the 2010s at THML Theatre Company, while also appearing as Vira (tech-savvy activist who codes for justice).

Anita has demonstrated exceptional dedication and energy towards supporting excellence in music performance at Jacobs School of Music. As a member of Society of Friends of Music, Anita furthers our school’s mission of offering quality musical education.

Personal Life

Anita takes an eclectic approach to life and considers acting to be her soul path. She loves camping, Latin dancing and adventure while maintaining a balance between her career and family life; especially as mother to two young children.

At first she is unaware of Henrique’s feelings for her but later discovers they exist when Carol marries him and realizes their connection is meant to be.

After returning home, she attempts to assist Luiza with party planning while dodging texts from Joel. Later she has an unexpected meeting with Fabricio – her childhood friend in love with Luiza’s sister – who encourages her to follow her heart, ultimately leading her towards greater happiness while healing relationships in the process.

Net Worth

The actress is best-known for her work in Hollywood movies and TV shows. Additionally, she is renowned as a content creator with YouTube and Twitch channels that she runs herself – these earn significant income while also selling merchandise bearing her name.

She is an extremely hard-working actress who prepares for each role by conducting extensive research. She strives to understand her character’s background, relationships, and emotional state while working on physical aspects like how she moves or speaks.

She holds numerous sponsorship deals with Trojan, Displate, Remedy Entertainment (for Control), Skybound Games (Slime Rancher) and FromSoftware (Sekire: Shadows Die Twice). In addition to these monetary benefits, she earns significant income through both of her YouTube channels.

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