Apna Time Bhi Aayega Serial Cast New Rani

Apna Time Bhi Aayega Serial Casts New Rani

Apna Time Bhi Aayega has been inspiring the audience since its inception. The serial has kept viewers engaged with its consistent twists and turns. With the latest episode, the Rajawat family is faced with a new threat – a villain who has entered the Rajawat household with a master plan to capture the property. The villain is played by Sangeeta Kapure, who returns to the role of a negative character after almost 4 years.

Megha Ray to play Rani in apna time bhi aayega

Megha Ray will be playing the role of Rani in the upcoming serial Apna Time Bhi Aayega. The serial revolves around a young girl who wishes to become a mechanical engineer. Her father is working as a driver for the royal family. During the time when her father is not around, Rani assumes his role. This serial will follow the complicated love story between Rani and Veer. Megha Ray will play the role of Rani while Fahmaan Khan will play the role of Veer.

Recently, Megha Ray had a daring stunt on the set of Apna Time Bhi Aayega. She was hanging on a harness on the edge of a three-storey building. The stunt allowed her to get the necessary experience for the role.

Bade Bhaiya challenge Rani, Birju, and Veer in kabaddi competition

The episode begins with a scene where a powerful person, Bade Bhaiya, challenges Rani, Birju, and Veer to a kabaddi competition. The three players are surprised, but the game is more than just fun. The match is a test of strength, and Veer wins. This piques the interest of Raj Mata, who is shocked to learn that Veer is not an orphan.

Afterwards, Bade Bhaiya challenges Rani, Birju, and Veer to a kabaddi competition, despite their differences. Veer is the more talented player and he challenges Birju to a kabaddi game. The game is a fun competition, and the players learn a lot about themselves.

Bade Bhaiya challenge Veer in kabaddi competition

Apna Time Bhi Aayega fans were shocked when Veer decided to leave Rani forever. But destiny had other plans for the couple and it brought a new twist in the story. Vikram asks Veer to stay with Rani. Vikram and Kiara then go to Rani’s village and see Veer and Birju competing in a kabaddi tournament. However, they meet with a big problem – Baray Bhaiya.

When Veer and Rani are competing in a kabaddi tournament, the new Rani is in for a shock. She is a complete novice at kabaddi and is not used to playing it well. She lands in a bind and soon learns that her uncle is playing with him. After winning the competition, Rani reveals the truth about Veer’s intentions to Nandini and breaks their relationship.

Veer challenge Rani in kabaddi competition

After the incident, Veer decides to challenge Rani in a kabaddi competition, in order to prove his skills. However, he fails. As a result, he is sent to jail. However, Veer saves Rani and makes her fall in love with him. He becomes emotional after seeing the mysterious patient at the hospital. Rani meanwhile declares open war on Jai and Jay.

Meanwhile, in the village of Radhameer, the land of Radhameer has been seized by a powerful person known as Bade Bhaiya (Elder Brother). Veer is surprised to see the villagers cheering him on. He tells the people that he is going to leave, but they chase him. However, Veer gets away because Birju’s goons are after him. He also threatens to shoot Veer. However, Veer is protected by Rani Sa, who stops Birju.

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