Arielle Adams

Arielle Adams

Arielle is an accomplished Central Michigan University alum. As such, she oversees all aspects of Bridge Michigan and Bridge Detroit websites, social media channels and newsletters.

She has an insatiable passion for learning, helping others find lightbulb moments in their academic work and working closely with us on refining our Homework Center model to give students a safe place where they can develop new strategies.

Early Life and Education

Abigail Adams encouraged John to lead in the fight for independence from Great Britain, while serving tirelessly as an educator and psychologist. She and John kept close ties, exchanging letters detailing work life and family concerns.

Arielle was an exceptional sophomore at Michigan State University who had earned enough credits in high school to be considered a junior college student. She had an enormous capacity for learning, loved helping others and was passionately supportive of women’s rights.

Samantha Davis took great pleasure in producing content on YouTube and spending time with her nonverbal aunt, as well as being an enthusiastic cheerleader who hoped to compete in future. Donations began pouring in since Timothy Davis launched a GoFundMe fundraiser for her family.

Professional Career

Adams began her professional acting and modeling career after she appeared as a Bond girl in The Man with the Golden Gun and Octopussy. Additionally, she made guest appearances on Kojak and Hawaii Five-O as well as competing on Blinn College cheerleading team as a backspot; currently attending University of Texas Austin majoring in nursing as an undergraduate degree program student; daughter of Roger and Diana Adams.

Achievement and Honors

Arielle received the Kenneth Monroe award which recognizes students who excel academically, are leaders on campus and positively impact other student lives with their integrity and character. Arielle is also part of student council and Black American Association.

She currently works at an orthopedic surgery unit as a medical assistant while studying for her Dental Admission Test this summer. Furthermore, she finds time for rock climbing, surfing and music – her three passions!

Other Westmont alumni have also earned recognition. Gentry Smith, a political science alumna, was appointed assistant secretary of state for diplomatic security at the U.S. Department of State; liberal studies alumnus Erik Hooks was given an appointment as deputy administrator with the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Personal Life

Arielle hails from West Virginia and has lived in Morgantown, Parkersburg, Nelsonville Marietta and Washington. She enjoys traveling extensively and has visited over 30 countries; additionally she loves spending time with family, shopping and reading.

She has a passion for helping students reach lightbulb moments in their schoolwork – be it math problems, biology homework or science projects – enabling them to recognize that learning is a process and hard work will pay off!

Les Miserables has long been her favorite musical, and she has performed it numerous times over. Most recently she took part in its inaugural national tour as Marius; this two-year run saw her working alongside legendary Broadway performers like Lea Salonga, Judy Kuhn and Norm Lewis.

Net Worth

TV host Vanessa Manzo boasts of making millions, and doesn’t hide it! She lives in an extravagant mansion and drives an elegant vehicle.

Adams comes from an impressive family tree; her direct ancestors include US Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams. As a child she showed an affinity for dance and performing arts; training at both High School of Performing Arts and School of American Ballet.

She played Giselle in Disney’s Enchanted film and received critical acclaim and was even nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for her performance.

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