Arlene Sander

Arlene Sander – The Wife of Sports Broadcaster Brent Musburger

Arlene is an ace scout for Fox Company during their invasion of Phobos and Deimos. While her intelligence outshines Fly’s, she does not possess his same level of composure.

Marriage for her has brought Blake and Scott, two sons from their relationship. Unfortunately, there is not much known about her online as she prefers staying out of the spotlight.

Early Life and Education

Arlene Sander was born and raised in Washington DC. She studied clarinet at the University of Washington before marrying sports broadcaster Brent Musburger.

Her husband began his career at the Chicago American newspaper before going on to broadcast NFL, college football, basketball and Masters tournament golf tournaments for CBS.

Arlene was raised an Episcopalian but later became disillusioned with religion, eventually turning atheist. She has always had an avid interest in science fiction writing and films such as H.P. Lovecraft (she even mentioned him during the attack on Freds’ ship!). Arlene often brings Fly along when attending sci-fi movies or conventions. Additionally, Arlene lives in Boardman, Oregon with two children that reside under her roof along with two siblings and an niece/nephew from her extended family (plus she also has one brother).

Professional Career

Arlene Sander is married to sports broadcasting icon Brent Musburger. Together they have two sons named Blake and Scott; currently, the couple reside in Montana but make regular trips down south where they play golf.

She has over 50 years of experience in radio, as well as appearing in various television programs like NBC’s “Your Big Moment” and as a panelist on CBS’ What’s My Line?.

She is an avid enthusiast of both science fiction literature and films. Fly was intrigued by this interest, so she often brought him along for movie screenings and conventions related to these topics. Additionally, she often name-checks H.P. Lovecraft in her writing; initially an Episcopalian but having become disillusioned over time.

Achievement and Honors

Arlene was an active member of Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Pemberville and participated in many community organizations such as Eastwood Band Boosters, Friends of Otterbein, Rebekah Circle and Women of the Church. Additionally she was a charter member of Alpha Pi CCL. Additionally she worked at Bowling Green State University (BGSU), serving various administrative roles until retirement. Arlene enjoyed knitting, reading and traveling – two activities she shared with husband Ron as avid sports fans in Cleveland professional teams as well as BGSU sports fans; together they had two children and 4 grandchildren before Arlene’s death on May 13, 2022 when her remains were interred at Rosehill Cemetery near Toledo Ohio

Personal Life

Brent and Arlene married in 1963, and have two children together: Blake and Scott. Arlene generally lives a low profile life; however she has been seen attending social events with Brent on his arm from time to time. Unfortunately there’s little information available online and she seems keen on keeping this part of her life private so as to prevent media attention interfering in their personal relationships.

This Montana couple enjoys playing golf together and spending some time in Florida during wintertime. There have been no reports of any issues within their marriage; instead they seem to be celebrating golden years together without incident and appear as an excellent example of successful and happy relationships.

Net Worth

Brant Musburger, husband to Arlene Sanders, has amassed an immense fortune through his career. Renowned sports broadcaster Brent Musburger earns a whopping annual salary of $4 Million as an ESPN and ABC television sports broadcaster, covering various games across various games while serving as studio presenter or half-time host during games he covers.

Brent Sander has been happily married to Arlene Clare Sander since 1963. They share two sons together: Blake and Scott. Arlene tends to remain out of the spotlight; however, she appears to live a fulfilled life with her family; currently residing in Montana while spending their winter months vacationing in Florida.

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