Ashley Bortner New Jersey

Ashley Bortner, 29, Found Dead and Burned Last Week in a Small Town South of Boston

Ashley Bortner, a 29-year-old New Jersey native, was found dead and burned last week in a small town south of Boston. Her body was found bound and gagged, along with her hands and feet tied behind her back. She was found near railroad tracks. Owens is suspected of killing and disposing of her body. He is expected to be tried in the United States in connection with her death.

According to investigators, Bortner lived in a Providence apartment. Her boyfriend, who was released from jail several months ago, was in her apartment with her at the time. But the couple lied to police about where they were and where they were going after Bortner’s murder. This is in addition to a couple who lied to police about the murder of their son.

Authorities said the couple lied about their son’s murder because they thought the victim had been the one responsible for his death. However, Owens was on the run for over four months. Owens reportedly made frantic phone calls after the victim’s death, but did not attend the funeral.

The Plymouth County District Attorney’s office announced on Thursday that Owens had been indicted for Bortner’s slaying. He was arrested on Tuesday in the Dominican Republic and is expected to be brought back to the U.S. shortly to face charges. He is accused of murder and aggravated kidnapping.

Owens’ home in Dorchester, Massachusetts, was searched after the crime and turned up an Egyptian cotton bath towel that was similar to the towel that was wrapped around the victim’s face. It was also seized an electrical cord that matched the cord found around the victim’s body. The towels, electrical cord, and the items were all linked to Owens, who investigators believe is involved in the murder.

Owens and Bortner knew each other. Both had recently moved to the United States from the Dominican Republic. Owens had a 21-year-old son, and Owens believed that Bortner had been involved in the death of his son. The two were not friends, but Owens suspected that Bortner may have played a role in the boy’s death. The two were able to talk on the phone before he was killed.

On the night of the murder, Owens was allegedly seen making frantic phone calls to his girlfriend, who was attempting to contact the family. He avoided eye contact with the victim. After the killing, Owens began planning the funeral, but did not attend.

The investigation into the death of Ashley Bortner is “very active”, according to Bridgewater Police Chief Anthony Cruz. Cruz said the detectives have not ruled out anyone as a suspect, but all resources are being put towards finding the people who are responsible. The investigation is a joint effort by the state and the local police departments. The state police have taken all necessary precautions to protect the public from potential danger, and the investigation remains “open and thorough.”

The police found evidence that Bortner was targeted. She was living in a Boston area neighborhood and was trying to make a new life for herself. Her son had been living in New Jersey. The woman’s boyfriend had just recently been released from prison and was staying with a friend of the family.

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