Aurora Culpo Mikey Bortone

Survivor Star Mikey Bortone and Aurora Culpo

Survivor star Mikey Bortone has been in the news recently for reportedly having an affair with one of his own wife’s. Aurora Culpo has been married to him for three years, and the couple decided to end their marriage in April. They have two children together.

The couple dated for several years before they got married. After they married, they had their first child, Remi. They had another child, Solei, in August of 2020. After the two children were born, they separated. Then, they divorced in January of 2022. The reason for their divorce is that the couple has irreconcilable differences.

When they were married, Aurora and Mikey agreed to allow Mikey to sleep with a woman once a year. They also agreed to not tell anyone about their relationship. However, when Aurora started to see Mikey with other women, she confronted him. And in turn, Bortone admitted that he had an affair.

On an episode of The Culpo Sisters, Aurora revealed that her husband had numerous relationships with other women. She also said that she gave him a yearly hall pass thinking that he would never use it. She even told her sisters that Bortone had confessed to having an affair. But, he kept carrying on with the other women behind her back.

Aurora has also been known to work in the special education field for a long time. She is a fitness expert, and she is also a social media influencer. She has an Instagram account where she shares life tips with followers. She is also a podcast co-host. She also is a health and beauty guru. Her husband, Michael Bortone, is an actor and producer. He is best known for his appearance on Survivor: Micronesia.

Before they married, Aurora and Mikey were both in the same group of contestants on Survivor: Micronesia. They were stranded on the island for appearances. In the fourth episode, Mikey was the second person voted off the tribe. He gave up his immunity necklace to be voted out. He was the fourth to last competitor.

Before they married, Aurora and Mikey dated for a number of years. Before they had a baby, they were both working in the same field of behavior analysis. In addition, they were both aspiring actors. They also had a business in the brickwork industry. They both studied at Northeastern University. They later began to pursue modeling careers. They are the eldest of five siblings.

Aurora is one of the stars of The Culpo Sisters, which airs on TLC. She is also a co-host of the Bad Mom podcast. She has also shared her personal life on Instagram. She is a fitness enthusiast and environmentalist. She is the eldest of the Culpo sisters, who are also models and social media influencers. She and her sister, Olivia, were both Miss Universe 2012.

She was married to Mikey for three years before separating. They have two children together, and they have asked for joint custody of their children. The couple has filed for divorce in Los Angeles County Courts.

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